Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Salvage Works

I mentioned before that I acquired a lot from eBay rather cheaply containing a Land Raider. I have decided I am going to try and save it from being a bum purchase. It´s paintjob is horrible, pieces are missing and it has been assembled incorrectly.


So at the moment I am taking it apart carefully and trying to salvage what I can. I ordered in two new Lasgun Sponsons, a new top cover and a new bottom plate. The bottom plate will be cut up in order to close the front ramp which was missing.

The Heavy Bolter at the front needed replacing as well but luckily I had a spare. When working on my Death Guard I ordered a Nurgle Plague Hulk kit from Forge World. This comes with a complete Defiler kit included, I used the gun from that on my Chaos Landraider leaving me a spare.

Lucky Me!

(I did paint up another model of the Pride this time with the Scibor parts and using a slightly diffirent color scheme. Dheneb Stone instead of Commando Khaki).


  1. As long as the track units are in a usable condition, I would have been tempted to use plasticard for building up a new body. It may not have fitted with your marines but you could easily have it as a Squat vehicle...

  2. Ahh plasticard. Which I still haven´t been able to find locally :)

    And a Squat vehicle? Possible but there is nothing in the IG Codex it could function as, which is kind of important. So I´ll save it for the Pride, or at least do my best to do so.