Friday, June 24, 2011

Emperor's Pride

First off before anything else, this is a work in progress for my Deathwing army. The only thing I knew about them is that I wanted to run a Terminator as Troops army with some Lion themed conversion pieces I had seen over at Scibor. It was Markillius08, over at Dakka, who came up with the name so he deserves full credit for that.

So here I give you what I acquired for The Emperor's Pride Chapter so far.

First off I do have a Terminator Commander who was in the process of being converted....but he might be downgraded to a unit champion. 
Here is my Chapter's boss, Lugft Heron, I might remove the flamer left hand in favor of another in order to make sure he doesn´t look like Lugft as much...makes no sense does it?
For my second HQ Choice I went with a Chaplain in Terminator armor as it seemed the logical choice. I might have to look into using a Librarian as well. Time permitting I could eventually paint up the Space Hulk Terminators to match my color scheme (as soon as I figure it out).

My Assault Terminator Squad will be lead by Tyberos, the Red Wake. And Yes, I did see some nice models on Forgeworld thankyouverymuch.

I bought one cheap Landraider from eBay but that turned out to be damaged beyond repair as well as missing pieces. So I need to get my hands on another one at some point, or find bits to replace the things not there which might be problematic.

So at the moment I got enough parts to assemble up to 15 Terminators. These pieces include leftover items I had from when I made my Deathguard Terminators, the Assault on Black Reach Terminators and of course the boxed Terminator Squad that arrived from GW.

However. I am not assembling them just yet because I made sure to poke around for pieces to make them my own. The name of Emperor's Pride comes directly from these pieces, I saw them and I got inspired by their look. I did see an image a long time ago in the White Dwarf they were the Spartan themed Space Marines.

As for the helmet parts I do not like all of them, the ones I like are the following. Top layer from left to right: 3, 4 (My Favourites), 6, 7 and 8. I made sure to order in more than I need in order to get the ones I like. I also realized that the Shields are pretty damn tall. I mean 31mm that is taller than most models, it might require some work to get it all in order. As for the shoulders, for some of the parts I own there will be some filing and sanding required in order to make them work. 

I am confident that in the end though it should make for a very impressive look.... Am really looking forward to getting into them. Makes me wish the mail would go faster.

And sorry, no Squats today....


  1. Your the guy over at Dakka Dakka? The one who asked to name the chapter?

    Either way I look forward to seeing these.

  2. If you mean the one who got the name suggested to him? Then yes, I am. The very same. Of course the Avatar here and there might be a giveaway ;)
    Welcome to my little piece of the web.