Thursday, June 9, 2011


So my stuff has started to arrive. Imagine my surprise that the order from Black Cat Bases, of 10 B'dass Troopers and 2 B'dass Leaders actually contained 12 troopers. Apparently I got given two for free (or by mistake, I'd like to think the first option). The miniatures scale up nicely among the others with one noticeable diffirence I did not even think to consider. The B'dass lack the pot belly most GW Dwarfs seem to have. 

Also in the mail was one of the possible APC's I am considering at this time. The arrival was the Sand-Carrier from Scotia Grendel, this was the last of the vehicles I ordered so it made good time getting to me. Of special note was the packaging; I never thought about it before but they packed it inside an empty clear plastic VHS Cassette Case.


Of course I just perused Inso's Blog once more and found even more vehicles that would look awesome with my army. It does raise the question again what is the style I would like to go for? I do like the look of the Sand-Carrier but it is rather sleek, I think a more Industrial Style would fit my Squats better. A race of miners and workers would, in my eyes, have more sturdy work related equipment retrofitted to suit them. It is what drew me to the Half Ute from Ramshackle, but then I came across this beauty:

So another possible vehicle I will order soon, I like the fact that it has wheels instead of tank treads. Next month! I wonder what will be waiting for me today when I get home from work (if anything), I'm hoping for my bits so that I can assemble some more Squats.

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