Friday, November 25, 2011

Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm Cannon

So here is a part listing for the Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm Cannon. Ill include the easier parts guide as well as a step by step seeing it is not included with the model (as mine came in plastic bags).

1.) Vehicle Chassis
2.) Tank Treads
3.) Pilot with Sidearm
4.) Shielding, Top
5.) Flak Cannon Parts
6.) Shielding, Lower
7.) Flak Cannon, Tip
8.) Ammo Feeds

My assembly schematic...too complex?

So above I added the overly complicated image I made initially followed by a somewhat step by step guide to assembling the vehicle. As my basecoat is still at a friends place I have not started on painting it yet. So bear with me.

Step One.

Step One: Attach the Tank Treads (2) to the Vehicle Chassis (1). Assemble the Flak Cannon (5) by glueing the two parts together. You will be left with the parts above.

Step Two.
Step Two: Attach the Lower Shielding (6) to the front of the Vehicle Chassis (1). Attach the Tip of the Flak Cannon (7) to the rest of the Flak Cannon (5) which you glued together in Step One. Finally attach the two Ammo Feeds (8); one to the rear of the Vehicle Chassis (1) and one to Flak Cannon (5). As depicted above. The Flak Cannon Ammo Feed might give you some issue but it is possible to attach it so it sits straight as opposed to slightly crooked as I've seen in most images.

Step Three.
Step Three: Start by attaching the Top Shielding (4) to the Flak Cannon (5), there is a special slot for the part to be glued into so it should fit without too much hassle. Assemble the Pilot (3) by adding the sidearm to the slot in his back then fit him onto the Vehicle Chassis (1). Finally add the Flak Cannon (5) to the Vehicle Chassis (1) as well. Make sure that the thing will fit and the Top Shielding should slide in just behind the Lower Shielding.

And there you go.

Size Comparison
I included a size comparison shot here in order to get a better idea of how big (or in this case small) the vehicle is when compared to other 40K vehicles. I wanted to use them as possible Hydra Flak Tanks. As you can see both the Rhino and the Chimera Chassis actually seem to fill out an entire basic Regiment Base for Warhammer Fantasy. So I figure in order to use this as a stand in model I need to place it on a base that is at least a similar size and measure everything from the base as opposed to from the model itself.

Hope this helps all of the people out there getting busy with Warpath or contemplating using the Forge Fathers for Squats (like I will be). 

See you all later.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Warpath Arrives

Well my order of Warpath came in today (in the last 30 minutes even).
So I am currently in the process of looking over the sprues and considering wether or not to start clipping things from said sprues. I so need to get in touch with a mate to see if I can get my glue and basecoat back now....

By Request in the comments :)

Well I'll give you a picture of all the sprues sitting on my coffee table, currently watching Jeff Dunham as I remove everything and sort all the little bits into plastic containers.

Front Right - Hero
Right - Steel Warriors
Left (in front off the glass) - Stormrage Veterans
Further Left and out of Frame - Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm Cannons

Lots of clipping to go as well as try to sort out how to use the models as guardsmen, and the hailstorm cannons will most likely become Hydra Flak Tanks, based so their size matches that of the official versions.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Back in Black....

Hello Everyone,

For those that still keep an eye on this space, yes it has been too long since I posted anything at all. I recently found a new job and have another week to go before I go back to working fulltime (thank god). So that will most likely lift me from my hobby slump that I have been in ever since my unemployment started.

I can honestly say there is more than plenty to do. I have the following projects in varying states of progress: A Nurgle Fleet for Battlefleet Gothic, my Emperor's Pride Chapter of Deathwing Terminators, my Squat army (of course) and both my Tyranid as well as my Death Guard need to be painted or re-painted.

My Dreadfleet is being painted up by a friend of mine in exchange for a set of counters, doors and board tiles from the new Space Hulk (of which I have two more sets as well as a complete game left). And of course as Warpath got released almost a week ago my order of that should come in soon as well.

Lots to do. I am hoping to get back into the swing of things....of course after being unemployed for a while I am indeed flat ass broke so if I run out of stuff I won't be able to replace them for a while.

Anyways, thanks all for sticking around.