Sunday, June 19, 2011


So, as previously mentioned, my Shadowsword kit arrived in the mail the other day and of course being as happy as a kid on christmas morning I decided not to waste too much time and started assembly.

I had already decided to build the Stormlord out of the kit prior to its arrival. There is just something about a tank being able to spew forth 40 troopers that got me all excited.

I had actually just started on my Squat Imperial Guard when I won this kit so for me it was a no-brainer that the Superheavy would be for my Squat Army. The fact that I just started assembling all my human Guardsmen as well has not changed my opinions in the least. Size matters to Squats as well!

There is one thing I wonder about though, in the Apocalypse Reloaded book it is listed as having side sponsons with twin-linked Heavy Flamers and gives no option to upgrade them to Heavy Bolters. My Army Builder however does give that option (so I assembled it with Heavy Bolters over the flamers).

Say Hello to my little friend...
If all goes as I have been assured my bits will be arriving next week as well. A payday is almost here again so I already started thinking about what to acquire then. After that I think I might be forced to do that most horrendous of things....painting.

I am really not good at that...luckily I got humans to practice on. As always any and all constructive feedback is acquired.


  1. cant help with advice only say how cool that tank looks!

    ruleswise i am a noob par exelence!!!

    vik von domm

  2. oi! no update, no response?
    wakey, wakey, wakey! you started with painting?

    viktor von domm comands thee...

  3. Starting with painting would mean one actually has paint. And I do....but it is all in the colors of my Death Guard....and Nurgle was not exactly the way I wanted to go with these guys.
    Besides....did you start painting -your- tank yet?

    ..and I am still not sure about their color scheme.

  4. hmmm... dwarves in outer space....definatly not deathguardstyle^^

    you could go happy color... but who am i kidding... dwarves that look like harlequins???^^ no way...
    so this leaves colors like yellow and pink out of the phasepsace....i guess with squats red and black always you have a bit of fluff written? i don´t recall that atm...if you point me into that direction then i could give you a better scheme...

    no tank paining on my part... tomorrow i will do the rest of the rivets, prmise! then sealing of the treads...after that painting... got sidetracked with some special top secret terrain...very important for steampunkyness^^

    oh forgott... what type of metal will you be issueing your guys with? brass, copper, or slivery metal? this might be a good way to decide what other colors will follow....

    viktor von domm

  5. Regular metallic colors I figure. So I had actually considered a darker tone for them as well. And no, I haven't written any actual fluff for them, in my mind they come from an industry rich planet. Which explains the repurposed working robots (sentinels) and the Half Ute.
    Also seeing Squats are supposedly more advanced than most human worlds, they have a lot of Plasma Weapons.

  6. ok, wich glow color will you use then on the plasma guns? this might help...

    and if it is a tech world i woudl consider the ad mech a bit of white and black and then fully red... and dark metal...did you use plastic glue to get the minis on the bases? would you be willing to pry them off again? you could make a easy steal floaring by simply using moskito netting as a basecover...?

    viktor von domm

  7. I figured more industrial as in miners and such...also no! They are staying on those bases...I had to order them seperately damnit!

    Well im not good at painting any all....but I figured why not go with a Lavalike color on that. Colors I was considering was black and grey with metallic colorings...but I am not sure where goes what yet.