Friday, June 10, 2011

Hogs of War Guest Post - Counts-As Armies

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What can I say, I'm a publicity whore. Also been a member of the Hogs of War community for a while now making me one of their rare Euro-Hogs. And seeing I started updating this regularly I took the plunge and asked to be a guest poster. Reposted here for posterity...and myself, because I have no actual updates on my army at the moment (snail mail, bah!).

Greetings all I’m Draxius, a newly minted guest poster here on Hogs of War, and you all have the poor luck to be reading my first post in that capacity. So forgive any odd looking choices in layout as I am still learning on how to use this format and hope to get better at it as I go.

I wanted to briefly touch on a subject which a lot of people seem to have an opinion about. So called “Counts-As” Armies. This is where models from either different armies or production companies other than the original producer are incorporated in a manner as depicted in the army book or codex. The other use is when using one army as another army.

I would like to touch upon the first in this post (making the title somewhat of a misnomer). For instance; I myself am working on building up an Imperial Guard army but have found numerous models and such that do fit my army theme and such. For instance I obtained models from the now discontinued game AT-43, Red Blok. Amongst these are the ones depicted below.

IG Sentinel / Hellhound?
My first hunch was to use these models as my Hellhounds, Sentinels and the larger one could function as either Basilisks or a Leman Russ. This of course brings with it the question of model size. The Red Blok Kolossus is nowhere near as tall as a Sentinel, and compared to a Hellhound its size is even more disproportionate.
I figured a suitable solution might be to actually add a base that is the same size as the Hellhound template; this does not solve the height difference. Height in my eyes is a smaller problem as its benefits are evened out with the drawback. Sure you might not be able to shoot at my model, but I can't fire at you either.

IG Basilisk / Leman Russ?
As I am not a tournament player I am not sure what the stance is on using other models in your army but as far as I know GW Sanctioned tournaments require the army to be comprised of GW models only.

There are a lot of miniature companies out there that make fantastic models, is it wrong for wanting to use these? Especially now, with prices rising, there are some alternatives which are plain cheaper.

So I would like to ask what it is that you think on this matter. Are you for or against “Counts-As” Armies and/or Units? And regardless of the answer, why?

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  1. totally for count as... so long as it does look good and you don´t have the hanky trukk all is good...also a major reason is that i think the game needs it is fully possible (fluffwise for me always a bit akward...) that similar factions can battle one another, they have to stand out a bit different each... thus the need of different models...

    viktor von domm