Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Demiurge and the Tau Empire

Imperial Guard Veterans?
So as I already mentioned the possibility of Human Conscript troopers it would be wrong to not mention the following possibility. As I also own a small Tau army I could also possibly use Tau Fire Warriors as Imperial Guard Veterans and my collection of Kroot as a Penal Legion Squad. Much like the humans I prefer not to use any other army influences at all, but if using any and all models available for a possible Apocalypse Battle they are a welcome collection of more bodies.
Penal Legion Squad?

At the moment (as soon as my models arrive) I can assemble an army of over 6000 points, including the Tau I might up that even higher. Speaking of models arriving... My squad of B'dass troopers arrived along with the two Squat looking Comissars. The order of Miniature Market also arrived increasing my army with 6 Kolossi and 3 Dotch Yagas. I do have to say they are fine looking miniatures although the Kolossi are less....colossal than I expected. They might still work as Sentinels or Hellhounds, but I will have to increase their base sizes in order to make it so that I am not powergaming.

Dotch Yaga

Also arrived is my small order from GW. Plasma guns for my squads and more round bases. Which will come in handy now that I have ordered in more lasgun arms so I can actually reassemble my Cadians as well.


On an unrelated note, I am aware my posting speed has slowed down. This is mostly due to me actually wanting to have something to post about as opposed to me boring everyone to tears with how work was today and such. Thanks for reading!


  1. It makes perfect sense for the Dwarfs to join forces with the Tau...Demiurg apparently introduced the Tau to ion technology.

    As much as it may pain you to hear this, it may be more 'fluffy' to include your Dwarf troops as allies to the Tau rather than the other way around. That way, you can have a playable army straight away and can add Dwarfs as they arrive. Once you have more Dwarfs, you can then swap things around...

    ...just a thought.

  2. Actually I think I already have a bigger Squat IG army than I do Tau at this point in time :)
    Also I don't play very much so I'm quite happy drafting up 'what if' army lists.

  3. Maybe the Tau could be attached as a small expeditionary force that have agreed to join the Dwarfs while they monitor them for their inclusion in the greater good?

    The trouble is that I can't see the Tau going mercenary so there would need to be a fluffy reason for them to be joining up with the Dwarfs.

    The Kroot could be attached as Kroot...they ARE mercenaries and would be a valuable asset to most armies.

  4. Well I never used the words 'mercenary' it is more the case of Counts-As really. So the small expeditionary force as an explanation works as good as any really.
    I was just looking for a way to keep all the rules inside one codex as opposed to have to branch out across several.
    Appreciate the feedback Inso...oh and if your Tunnel Fighters are getting to heavy you can always pass some along, I don't mind honestly...