Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Heavy Weapons and Bikers...

Heavy Bolter
So on page one of my thread over at Dakka Dakka someone requested some more pictures of my heavy weapon team beyond the grainy one I put up when I started this blog. As I am currently dual blogging at two places, and am too lazy to figure out to properly work Dakka I type this blog first in order to properly upload my images for use in the other post. Mwahah. Don't worry I did not make three different Heavy Weapon Teams at the moment all the weapons (Heavy Bolter, Autocannon and Lascannon) are interchangeable.

The reason the gunner is so far away from the Heavy Weapon has a simple reason really. The Lascannon is actually longer at the back than the Autocannon or the Heavy Bolter. So if I had assembled it as it should be, I would not be able to swap out all of the heavy weapon options. I might have to tweak it so it looks like he is using a small remote to fire the weapon.

And yes. I have several Squats toting a full beer mug along with them. After all they might be from space, they are still dwarfs damnit!


I have also been receiving the suggestion to get my hands on some Squat Bikers and Trikers in order to get an old school unit of Rough Riders. To appease those people Ive decided to take some proper pictures of my Squat Bikers and stick them on here as well. Of course I have put aside the arm problem for a while as I focus on other things.

I got in my ordered Terminator bits from eBay, only ordered the Scibor stuff yesterday though. So that should take a bit of time, the same with the items from Games Workshop. Anyone ever notice how Forgeworld sends out its stuff so much faster than GW does?

I hit another snag, I want to get more Cyclone Missile Launchers in my units than I seem to be able to find online. Does anyone know of a place where I can either get proper Cyclone Missile Launchers or similar items to stick on my Emperor's Pride Terminators.

..and Trikers


I will post some more stuff on my Deathwing Army's work in progress at a later date, I think expanding my blog to accomadate them is the next stop. And yes Emperor's Pride is the name of my personal Chapter, I wish I had come up with that name though. 

To not end on a completely non Squat note: Here is a Squat Infantry Regiment.

See you next time! (Hopefully Blogger will accomdate me then, took me hours before I was able to upload these images)

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