Friday, June 17, 2011

Size Comparison Shots

From Left to Right:
 Ladies and Gentlemen...

My Shadowsword arrived in the mail today. Ordered from the UK, shipped to New Zealand only to be returned to the Netherlands, its world tour is over.

And there was much rejoicing!

...Hellound, Glaive APC...

I should have commented about the APC and my Shadowsword sooner as apparently that worked and had the desired effect. I did open the box but have not yet started on assembling the Super Heavy Tank, I did finish up assembling all of my regular Guardsmen models.

To the right are some size comparison shots I took between one of my Squats and a regular sized Guardsman. Also did some size comparison between the Robogear Walker and a Sentinel and finally some shots of the diffirent APC options beside an old Hellhound (which shares the Chimera Chassis, and is basecoated black so even I have trouble spotting it >_<).

...Half Ute and the Sand Carrier.

None of the APCs have been assembled, this explains why the Half Ute sits so low, assembled it would be higher. After receiving the Old Crow APC today I have to say one thing... I have never ever received a resin model that looked so neat and tight. There literally is no moulds and junk to clear off, very nice.

I am still leaning towards the Half Ute but the Glaive is very nice as well. Perhaps Ill use them for my actual human army which I kind of gathered by accident in my persuit of Squats. To improve on the Half Ute I will most likely order some loose pieces from Ramshackle to enlarge the cabin at the back.

Look a Boring Machine!
Human and Squat.

Sentinel and Robogear Walker...

...with Infantry for scale.


  1. so you already got the ute...and those old crow models where highly praised by shasolenzabi in his oddballthread at dakka too in the highest tones...they tool some time for shipping to usa but when thy arrived he was all joy...

    the squat looks very meant-to-be...this is an idea i wish i had on my own^^
    as for the robogear... lol he even fields a big fist...thats so classy...

    and one day i will do a scratch built boring machine...i collected quite a bunch of material for this idea already...

    cheers, viktor von domm

  2. Hah, I think it is funny, you wish you had thought up making a Squat army and I thought your idea for a Victorian Steampunk IG Army was fantastic. Guess we will have to admire each other's work.

    The big fist on the Robogear Walker is actually one of the things I like about it. Makes it resemble a robot they might use to work in a quarry or a mine, to carry big chunks of rocks.

    I do like the Boring Machine, I just wish they had one of a full machine above ground. Somehow getting two and cutting them in half to attach them together did surface but I am so not going to act on that.

  3. nah that wouldn´t work that way... i guess you have to design a rear for real then... just adding a second one wouldn´t need a means of propulsion engines ...jets ....something like that...maybe if you kitbash the termite with a droppod of marines that might look the part...oh and on dakka there is this fella klaus, not santa...he made a convincing termite boring machine for some orks...this might spark some ideas in you...:

    viktor von domm