Tuesday, June 14, 2011

No News is Good News?


Just a very minor update about nothing really. I am still waiting for my bits and such to arrive to actually let me do some more converting and assembly. The tools I ordered arrived and as soon as they did I realized I need to get my hands on a fine saw of sorts in order to continue a conversion I got waiting.

I did get in a Thunderlord from Avatars of War, to serve as another HQ slot or whatever I can make of him. He is depicted to the right here. In fact I was so tired of waiting I actually started assembling my 40 armless human Imperial Guard as well as tinkering with my Assault on Black Reach Space Marines.

Thinking about maybe making a small Deathwing Army....

Save me!


  1. I'll admit, I came based on the blogs title. I have seen squat, but not in years. Nice Avatar of War mini. I'll have to check back when your conversions you mentioned get started.

  2. Oh they did start, check back to my first few posts. At the moment I have a nearly complete Infantry Squad, and Veteran Squad. Along with 3 Heavy Weapon Teams. Just didn't have enough bases and arms to complete my units.
    I started out with two boxes of Dwarf Warriors and two boxes of Cadians. Anyways thanks for stopping by! Hope you'll stick around.