Thursday, June 2, 2011

Feeling Disarmed.

So I've been tinkering with my Squat Bikers today in order to feel at least somewhat productive in regards to my army and I ran across the following issue. Even the original Squat Biker arms seem to be aimed at the Squats using the underside of their handlebars or are shaped as if they need to hold a weapon of sorts.
Anyone got any suggestions on how to tackle this issue?
Cutting up the original (plastic) arms to change the way they fit and the way the hands are situated seems an option but is easier said then done. The Squat shoulders are extremely close to the front of the bikes...

I guess i'll leave them for now until I think of something and instead just start assembling the two actual Sentinels I have laying about. Minus the weapons of course, incoming magnets after all, to leave my options open.

On a note related to the Pig Iron Troops... They come without bases, so to make a viable seperate human 'army' I need to get my hands on at least 90 more round bases. 50 PI Troopers, 5 PI Command Squad, 40 Armless Cadians.

And of course all the Bit stores I know seems to be out of Lasgun Arms as well. It is never easy is it?


  1. Might it be easier to change the handlebars on the bike than the arms on the riders?

  2. ....I feel stupid that that thought hadn't even occurred to me yet. It might totally be easier to do that yes. I was kind of in the mindset of dont mess with the classics but still.
    Good suggestion, I'll give it a go! (got a couple of additional bikes anyways)