Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blurry Images!

Sentinel Replacements
Right seeing a comment on my previous post was about it has been a while since I posted some actual images of my Squats I decided to take some more (bad) images and upload them in order to show you all what I got so far. The empty bases with Units are just there as a visual reminder of where I need to assemble some more troops as my large bits order comes in.

Veteran Squad
The Werewolf walkers behind my Veteran Squad on the left are taller than a regular Imperial Guard Sentinel but will most likely work well as stand ins. If used in that capacity that leaves me with nine Red Blok Kolossi to find a use for. As mentioned previously they are a tad small for use as Hellhounds.

So I will need to find a new use for them, suggestions are more than welcome (those are suggestions, beyond get a decent camera).

General Overview
As you can see my table needs a lot of work still as well, I have scenery but most of it is unpainted (and possibly subject to change, yay Pegasus Models).

The colored models in the back, the Dotch Yaga's are to be my Basilisks and their size is similar to that of the actual model. The blue model is a Robogear Condor which will most likely be pressed into service as a Valkyrie.

Some more bits trickled in as well so I get to assemble some Plasma Servitors for my Enginseer, the Dwarf bodies still haven't arrived and I am still waiting on my Stormlord as well as several possible APC's. More updates as soon as I get my stuff!

Ratling Snipers, etc.
Army Overview Shot


  1. holy crap, where did you got all the money for so many mins? robbed a bank? so many kolossus...and then the robogear walker...these look so day i will get me some of these too...your dwarfes are very cool looking! what are those bikers? wheree are they from?
    and then the terrain... that cathedral looks awsome! go get to your desk and paint! man you have a cartload of minis to make yourself proud of^^

    viktor von domm

  2. Kolossi were $9 per 3 so pretty damn cheap. Robogear was about $30 for a starter set, which had 4 of those walkers ;)

    Those Bikers are Squat Bikers, original GW models from the 80's.

    And thanks, I quite like the Cathedral myself although I am not sure if I will keep it as is, might change it around some.

    Thanks Vik

  3. dont touch the cathedral with anything than paint! i mean it! my tank will hunt you down^^

    did i miss read or miss some posts where you clarified that? where was that shop again where you bought them? seems a now or never occaision...

    squadbikers, cool...nothing says easy riders than those!

  4. ummm that was me again up there^^

    viktor von domm

  5. I figured as much, still can't spell your own name properly though. I will have a look and get you the link to the store that is selling them. I assume you mean the Kolossi? Or the Robogear? Robogear is easily found on eBay, I actually ordered another two Condors today (the blue Valkyrie stand ins).

  6. hadn´t realised that this was not an actual valk but a stand in... gies to show how fitting it is...

    i searched a bit for robogear and if i really want it it would probably be fairly quick to get them...
    the spelling was done when enlisting at dakka...after i hit the submit button for my profil this i realized... then i let it just get used and thus i use it here too...the connection that some of my friend made with steampunk and victorian area and viktor von domm was a mere coincedence...or will never know^^

    cheers, and your blog deserves all the attention it can get^^

    viktor von domm

  7. Namewise I just meant the lack of using capital letters in your name. Mr Viktor von Domm, and I do quite like the name actually. It is miles better than mine on Dakka. And yep, Robogear is not too expensive a lot of sellers just buy it in Russia (where it is still being made I think) and ship it over here. The two Condor models together cost me 24 Euros or so (shipping included) which is still half the cost of an actual GW Valkyrie.

  8. caps are something i don´t want to use anymore... most of the time my typing gets slowed down by simply trying to not make too much typo... if then i would also use caps then i`d be doomed... hurhurhur^^

    seriously in the web i don´t use caps only when screaming or making aplications...

    the condors are realy a bargain then...also the cathedral parts... tho still a big number^^

    well as for your name on dakka... waas not a fan for the digits in it... is a hell to type somehow^^ i always have to reread three times at least^^

    the robogear stuff grows on me...but i wanted to create a cardboard walker first...legs are troublesome...

    cheers and a good night, viktor von domm

  9. Wow, it's looking good, like a right and proper army!