Saturday, June 4, 2011

Links and Bits Galore!

Right so no Squat related (well indirectly) update, am still waiting for my things to get here. I did find out today that the Shadowsword I won as a weekly prize from Heroes of Armageddon has been on somewhat of a world tour. Falk, the sponsor who runs Tabletop Fix made sure to order it from Wayland Games so that it only had to travel to me from the UK. Apparently the Shadowsword has arrived in New Zealand now, which means that my Prize has made a longer trip than I ever have (my record is the US).
So as soon as Falk can manage that will be shipped once more to, hopefully, arrive in short order.
I was looking around today to see if I could find any places that sold Warhammer bits in order for me to re-arm my plastic imperial guards, as well as get some for possible expanding my Squat troops. Buying a box set of Cadians and one of Dwarf Warriors is not exactly cost effective.
So without further ado, places that sell bits:

- A bit store based in Poland that is ran by two wargame enthusiasts. This is the place I ordered my magnets from as well as some of the Dwarf bodies that are trapped in snail mail.

- Bitzbox: A well known website from the UK, speaks for itself and is known by a lot of people. I personally haven't ordered from them yet as they did not have any Lasgun arms in stock at the time.

- Bits and Kits: Recommended by my DakkaDakka conspirator and contributor Viktor von Domm.

These last four are all eBay stores I happened across, the first three are bits related and the last one gets an honorable mention for selling Pegasus Scenery. Which I bought enough of to fill my own 4' by 8' gaming table. If there is an interest I can possibly take some (crappy) pictures of that too.

- The Bitz Store: Bits, bits and more bits. One can never have too many places to check for specific items one might need.

Click me to get a proper look.
- Blackdagger Games: Lots and lots of stuff, they also sell the odd single complete miniature. They have Cadian lasgun arms aplenty so I will most likely end up ordering a good lot of them.

- Hoard O Bits:  Recommended by my DakkaDakka conspirator and contributor Viktor von Domm.

- Drum and Flag: Check out the Pegasus scenery, I can highly recommend it. Even the ruins are a good deal more sizeable than the ones from GW. The Scenery images are not mine (I wish) but they did inspire me. Pictures are from Bell of Lost Souls, model built by Sabol Studios. If you look closely you can see a Shrine of the Aquila used for the main entrance.

Go check out Sabol Studios, their work is excellent and I dare you not to get excited.


  1. i have ordered form and found them a good seller, also
    are a good seller via ebay... fast and with good bid actions for the occaisional bargain as well...and you even get mixed armsets and stuff there too...for your needs i might think the perfect match...

    viktor von domm

  2. Added them to the main post Vik, Cheers!