Saturday, July 2, 2011

Whats going on...

Just a minor update (not even any pictures!).

At the moment my paints are starting to come in slowly, figured I give the Army Painter a go to see how I will end up. Am awaiting the last few bits for the Emperor's Pride. At this point I am not even sure how many Terminators I will be able to assemble, I figure I will focus on building an Army List and assemble as needed. I have been reading up on tactics and such, of course the rumors of a new edition for 40K is somewhat unsettling (moreso seeing I only now ordered in Codex: Dark Angels).

Any suggestions on loadout are much appreciated. I do know I will go for a 'Unkillable' Unit of 5 Terminators with Thunderhammers and Stormshield with one of them toting around a Cyclone Missile Launcher. I do have an Assault Cannon or three laying about as well as some Heavy Flamers. Of course if I can swing it I might just make 5 Lightning Clawed Terminators, and 5 Regular ones rounding it off with an Apothecary and Standard Bearer (Note to Self: Need a Logo).

A month and two e-mails further Bitspudlo finally shipped my ordered items, so as soon as they come in I can resume my Squat goodness as well. I did found even more possible Ogryn models, am expecting Avatar of War Dwarf Beserkers, and some Warmachine models. These will most definately be my last acquisition for a while due to some less than stellar news on the job front.

I'll not bore you with too much detail, but suffice to say I might get more time to work on my hobby than even I could wish for.

Oh alright then, one Picture:

Imperial Guard Veterans with Carapace Armour


  1. that is a great long did that take you?

  2. Aww man, Mike. Now you make me feel like a dork...

    I totally didn't. I tend to throw pictures up there I borrow from the web. So I wish I could claim that paintjob but....It isn't mine.
    I am very good at converting and thinking up stuff, my painting speed is less than optimal :(