Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Member Monday - Winning Essay

Figured I´d share the little nugget I sent in to be featured on the Blogroll of House of Paincakes (over a week ago). At the time it did amuse me and work was slow enough to allow me to jot stuff down. It is amazing how fast you can run out of words to rhyme with, because in my head it was even longer.

New Member Monday

Khepri's Eternal Legion
Keywords: Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, Thousand Son's, Tomb Kings, The Forbidden Knowledge of Skarro, Tournament stuff

Little Legions
Keywords: Historical gaming, ancient Britons, crusaders, Impetus, Wars of the Roses, all those really tiny smaller scale things that most of us don't understand, ctrl+c

You Aint Seen Squat!
Keywords: Warhammer 40k, Imperial Guard, Squats, The Depth and Breadth of Dwarf Miniatures

Weapons of Mass Distraction
Keywords: 40k, Grey Knights, Eldar, Tactica, Battle Reports, the Worst LGS hours ever, AAR

And we have a winning essey as well!  Draxius hit us with a full blown poem as part of the application forms for You Aint Seen Squat.  Good times.

Once upon some worlds in the vacuum of space,
there existed a somewhat stunted race.
Seperated from humanity by a savage warp storm,
They considered themselves the norm.
When these storms abated,
Humanity was encountered as if it was fated.
First mistaken for an alien civilisation,
The Empire of Man threatened extermination.
Before the end they realized their mistake,
and joined them in their ranks for humanity's sake.
Technologically advanced, their future seemed bright,
but Games Workshop was about to bring the eternal night.
Not able to be fairly beaten,
it was decided to have them be eaten.
Their Homeworlds swarmed by the Tyranids,
their civilization was blown to bits.
Eradicated from the rules and books,
nevertheless leaving a lot of story hooks.
As the Players keep insisting,
the writers keep resisting.
They are considered gone and dead,
but the players are not misled.
They must still be around,
and have merely gone to ground.
With this conclusion in mind,
a lot of fans have done the grind.
And started their own collection,
converting and crafting with affection.
What I read and hear a lot,
is You Ain't Seen Squat!


  1. Well played, and congrats!

    You stand alongside immortals:

  2. Why thank you, Mik! Nice entry too. Here we be Giants!