Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weekend Off!

Started assembling the Land Raider, and been looking around for a possible logo to use for my Personal Chapter. Easier said then done, especially with my limited painting skills. But I am going to give it a go damnit!
Just....not this weekend as I am totally taking it off to do other stuff. Away from work most of next week though so Ill get some stuff done.

The Bits order I placed almost a month ago still hasn't arrived, making it doubtful I will ever order from that company again. I dont care how you spin it, if the stuff is in stock when the order is placed it does should not take a month before you even ship it. Which it still hasn't according to the site. Bah.

I did come up with a color scheme for the Emperor's Pride which I think will work out alright. Ive been wanting to use the Khaki color for a while now so I figure the scheme will be something like the one depicted on the right.

Gray base color, Khaki covering and either Gold or Yellow for highlights and special bits.

Those bits that are yet to come in / be sent are the ones containing my Dwarf parts in order for me to create more Squats, so I am more than a bit miffed there does not seem to be any change on that front.

But alright then.... I did make some Servitors for my Enginseer. At the moment I made 6 Servitors armed with Plasma Cannons, I have another 1 with a Barrel on top to serve as a regular servitor. I am scrounging through my bit box in order to outfit the others as well. Of course I am aware that I can only have two Servitors armed with weaponry in a group of I guess I got two spares.

6 Plasma Cannon armed Servitors


  1. Really like the colour shceme, look forward to seeing that.

  2. I hope the Khaki actually looks something like that. And thanks, Im quite happy with it myself. As stated before im not an amazing painter but the scheme is simple enough and I think the colors combine well together.
    Going with the Lion aspect of the army I briefly considered a more yellowish scheme until I realized something rather simple.... I dont really like yellow. So that was that.

  3. I like those servitors. I'm still fond of the old Epic land raider as is, but you've used it well here.

  4. Thanks! I actually already wrote a post for tomorrow as well that should be auto posted, that too is about a Servitor thought I had.

  5. The white and gold will work well - also worth considering a pure NMM gold, like Cmdr. Dante's armour.

    Was the bits company bits and kits by any chance? - I've had some terrible service from them and have stopped using them entirely now, regardless of their prices or stocking levels.

  6. The company was called - a Polish company. Ran by two wargamers who apparently are not in much rush to ship out anything at all.