Friday, November 25, 2011

Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm Cannon

So here is a part listing for the Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm Cannon. Ill include the easier parts guide as well as a step by step seeing it is not included with the model (as mine came in plastic bags).

1.) Vehicle Chassis
2.) Tank Treads
3.) Pilot with Sidearm
4.) Shielding, Top
5.) Flak Cannon Parts
6.) Shielding, Lower
7.) Flak Cannon, Tip
8.) Ammo Feeds

My assembly schematic...too complex?

So above I added the overly complicated image I made initially followed by a somewhat step by step guide to assembling the vehicle. As my basecoat is still at a friends place I have not started on painting it yet. So bear with me.

Step One.

Step One: Attach the Tank Treads (2) to the Vehicle Chassis (1). Assemble the Flak Cannon (5) by glueing the two parts together. You will be left with the parts above.

Step Two.
Step Two: Attach the Lower Shielding (6) to the front of the Vehicle Chassis (1). Attach the Tip of the Flak Cannon (7) to the rest of the Flak Cannon (5) which you glued together in Step One. Finally attach the two Ammo Feeds (8); one to the rear of the Vehicle Chassis (1) and one to Flak Cannon (5). As depicted above. The Flak Cannon Ammo Feed might give you some issue but it is possible to attach it so it sits straight as opposed to slightly crooked as I've seen in most images.

Step Three.
Step Three: Start by attaching the Top Shielding (4) to the Flak Cannon (5), there is a special slot for the part to be glued into so it should fit without too much hassle. Assemble the Pilot (3) by adding the sidearm to the slot in his back then fit him onto the Vehicle Chassis (1). Finally add the Flak Cannon (5) to the Vehicle Chassis (1) as well. Make sure that the thing will fit and the Top Shielding should slide in just behind the Lower Shielding.

And there you go.

Size Comparison
I included a size comparison shot here in order to get a better idea of how big (or in this case small) the vehicle is when compared to other 40K vehicles. I wanted to use them as possible Hydra Flak Tanks. As you can see both the Rhino and the Chimera Chassis actually seem to fill out an entire basic Regiment Base for Warhammer Fantasy. So I figure in order to use this as a stand in model I need to place it on a base that is at least a similar size and measure everything from the base as opposed to from the model itself.

Hope this helps all of the people out there getting busy with Warpath or contemplating using the Forge Fathers for Squats (like I will be). 

See you all later.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Warpath Arrives

Well my order of Warpath came in today (in the last 30 minutes even).
So I am currently in the process of looking over the sprues and considering wether or not to start clipping things from said sprues. I so need to get in touch with a mate to see if I can get my glue and basecoat back now....

By Request in the comments :)

Well I'll give you a picture of all the sprues sitting on my coffee table, currently watching Jeff Dunham as I remove everything and sort all the little bits into plastic containers.

Front Right - Hero
Right - Steel Warriors
Left (in front off the glass) - Stormrage Veterans
Further Left and out of Frame - Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm Cannons

Lots of clipping to go as well as try to sort out how to use the models as guardsmen, and the hailstorm cannons will most likely become Hydra Flak Tanks, based so their size matches that of the official versions.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Back in Black....

Hello Everyone,

For those that still keep an eye on this space, yes it has been too long since I posted anything at all. I recently found a new job and have another week to go before I go back to working fulltime (thank god). So that will most likely lift me from my hobby slump that I have been in ever since my unemployment started.

I can honestly say there is more than plenty to do. I have the following projects in varying states of progress: A Nurgle Fleet for Battlefleet Gothic, my Emperor's Pride Chapter of Deathwing Terminators, my Squat army (of course) and both my Tyranid as well as my Death Guard need to be painted or re-painted.

My Dreadfleet is being painted up by a friend of mine in exchange for a set of counters, doors and board tiles from the new Space Hulk (of which I have two more sets as well as a complete game left). And of course as Warpath got released almost a week ago my order of that should come in soon as well.

Lots to do. I am hoping to get back into the swing of things....of course after being unemployed for a while I am indeed flat ass broke so if I run out of stuff I won't be able to replace them for a while.

Anyways, thanks all for sticking around.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Warhammer: Space Marine

So today saw the European release of Space Marine. Having pre-purchased this game months ago I actually awaited its release around midnight this morning. So when midnight rolled around I fired it up and ran around kicking the crap out of Orks and generally having a blast.

I played the Demo, of course, and after that I was not sure what to think of the game. Now having had some more hands-on time I can say that I am enjoying myself immensely. The only downside is that you are running around as a member of Games Workshop's default Marine Chapter the Ultramarines.

The fanboy in me is revelling in the fact that you are actually walking through a setting of which I have read so much over the years. Moreso than any other 40K game I find myself exploring any nook and cranny and taking notice of level design and architecture. So many places to look, so many ideas yet to be recreated as scenery.

If you are into 40K and the Imperium of Man, I can highly recommend this to everyone. If not to be inspired then just to breathe in the atmosphere.

All Hail the Emperor!

*And yes I am aware this isn't related to any of my armies or miniatures....but it is 40K so there.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Its a hog eat hog world - Warpath

As someone replied to my previous post:

"Sorry, this is off topic but I don't have another way of contacting you...

I'm sure you have already, but do check out the Warpath sci-fi models from Mantic Games. They got themselves squats, and they look pretty tasty thats for sure" 

- Oink
Well spoken Mr Oink.
Due to my overall lack of actual army related updates this serves as my post for the day (or week). Thanks go to Oink for prodding me to have a look-see. On one hand I cant wait for the Forge Father models to come out and on the other hand they make me wonder if I did all the converting and such for naught. Alas woe is me....and such.

I dropped the images of the Forge Fathers below in case you missed them.

Thanks to Beasts of War, and I do think they look awesome as hell. If the top model is a regular trooper then they are seriously armoured. Speaking of armoured almost done with my Leman Russ Executioners, magnets and all.

Friday, August 19, 2011

A letter to Avatars of War - Part II

So I actually did get a reply to my last e-mail. Even on the same day which was a shocker. The person who had been handling my order and such apparently was on holiday, it was mentioned that they left my order ready to ship and they would inquire about it.

Next thing I know I receive a tracking number in my inbox as the items have been shipped by UPS' 24h delivery service (August 17th) and it actually arrived on schedule the day after. So apparently all it took for my order to be actually shipped was that the person overseeing it went on holiday.

I am still not sure what to think of this all because it does mean they just did not send out my order for over a month and a half with numerous inquiries on my behalf and repeated assurances that it would be sent out.

But as SC John commented in the last post about this, they obviously were not expecting such a huge rush on the item, even so though it took us both a lot of work to actually get our stuff.
Something to consider if you are thinking about ordering from them.

At least they are here now so I can start getting them ready to serve as my Penal Legions.... Now all I need it a buttload of chainaxes.....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A letter to Avatars of War

It has been too long. I have decided to share a tiny tidbit of frustration that keeps bugging me. Today I composed a letter to Avatars of War and sent it off. This is the 5th e-mail headed that way after the initial order confirmation and payment. To the e-mail on August 2nd there was no reply. I have copied the e-mail down below. Is there anyone out there who has run into issues whilst ordering from Avatars of War directly? Because the way this is going I will never ever do that again, instead I will rely on their resellers as the other models I got from AoW came from there and that all went off without a hitch.

Avatars of War*,
It has been another two weeks since my last e-mail, on August 2nd you asked me for my phone number which I provided you on the same day. So far no package from Avatars of War has arrived yet so I am still waiting on the two boxes of Dwarf Bezerkers. The order was places on June the 29th, this means that we are getting close to two months since I placed and paid for the order. In that time I have been reassured repeatedly that the item would be sent out, then there were mail and box issues and finally there was a mention of UPS which would get the package here in 48 hours, in that case they are 288 hours late (or 12 days).
On the site it was proudly proclaimed that all pre-order had been shipped on the 7th of July. Which obviously is not the case as my order predates that although I do admit it was placed after the comment that you started shipping out the models.
Anyways what is going on?
Because this is taking too long.
*Names changed of course.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Ulkans and Magnets, oh my!

So today I got two surprises in the mail today.

Ulkan with CrushHammer

The Ulkans that I ordered from Pega Minidesign arrived today, the models themselves are gorgeous, the casting is excellent. The only thing I can comment on thusfar is that they are a bit taller than my Squat troops but this means they are going to be tall Squats (they are still shorter than regular models) and will most likely function as sergeants in whichever unit I stick them in. 

Ulkan with Magmagun
Their body build is as dense as the pictures suggest they are quite squat Squats (now theres a sentence you dont read often) and have feet which seem to be a bit too short for their bodies. For someone starting out with making their own models these three are amazing. I do hope he will manage something a bit more dynamic as all the models seem to have been constructed from the same basic posture.

Ulkan, Magmagun is a seperate piece
I asked one of my friends if he is willing to paint one of them. Or well am trying to sucker him into doing so. If he accepts I will most likely give him the model with the Crushhammer to serve as the lead model for my Penal Legion models. The Penal Legion is going to be constructed from the Avatar of Wars Bezerkers that still have not arrived. Their site mentions their pre-order shipping of the Bezerker kits as being completed on the 7th of July...if so it has taken them almost a month already to get to me (Their Support actually admits they hadn't shipped my models yet, so I am still waiting on a confirmation that it has been dispatched yet).

What also arrived today were the magnets I ordered from Bitspudlo finally completing the order I placed on the 27th of May. It only took them two months. I am not sure I will be using their services again in the future, not when there are so many good bit stores out there on eBay and the rest of the Internet. This does mean that I can finally finish assembling my Leman Russ Executioners as well as my actual Sentinels.

Friday, July 29, 2011


As you most likely have noticed my posting regularity has dropped significantly lately. This has motly to do with my Real Life situation at the moment. To make a long story short; I am losing my job and need to go through the hassle of navigating the labyrinthine maze of bureacracy in order to get signed up for unemployment.
I also need to start looking around for a new job. Of course being unemployed (soon) you would think I actually have more time on my hands. Although true enough in a relative short amount of time, it has also seriously done a number on my motivation to do anything related to the hobby at this time.

I am sure I will get back to working on it soon enough but until I do, I hope you're patient with me and cut me some slack whereas a lack of regular updates are concerned.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Heroes of Armageddon, no more.

So yesterday the Heroes of Armageddon drive for Doctors Without Borders ended. Part of me is sad to see it end and part of me is already looking forward towards the next possible one. After all Heroes of Armageddon was their second drive after the Storm Wardens.

I am kinda hoping we can reach the 40k mark with the next one if only to match our hobby there.

"We are very proud to announce that these armies have raised $31,057 for Doctors without Borders"

the wait is over. The Heroes of Armageddon project started in April and now, almost 4 months later, we have accomplished what we set out to do: 4 armies modeled and painted to the highest standards. We have here the true Heroes of Armageddon: the Steel Legion and Blood Angels opposite Ghazghkull Thraka's Horde and the Wazdakka Gutsmek's Speed Freaks.

From the start of this project, we have tried to stay close to the 3000 point goal, but as you will see, some armies are bigger, some are smaller. All in all, it has been a tremendous effort, having models come from all over the American continent, from Hawaii to Canada to Virginia. 

For the rest of the post along with images of the armies, extras and a list of the winners I direct you towards the Heroes of Armageddon site. 

I can say that I am glad to have been a part of this and that I have sent in my donation weekly, partly as support for the worthy cause and partly for a chance at one of their weekly prizes. Of course in the latter regard I was emboldened because of winning a weekly prize right after my first donation (the Stormlord mentioned before in my blog).

Still no arrival on my Avatar of War Dwarf Bezerkers so I am going to send out a mail again about it soon. As for my other developments they have been toned down somewhat as RL is being a pain in the ass. Need to deal with losing my job soon as well as getting back on the market to find a new one.

I hope to be able to get back to painting and such soon without feeling guilty for doing so.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Build me an army worthy of....


Alright so here is my request: I would like to see what you could come up with in regards to a playable army using the models I have at my disposal. The army size I leave up to everyone to choose for themselves (if I get any takers that is).

I am aware there is a chronic shortage of Troop Transports amongst my owned models, but is mostly due to a chronic shortage of money in my wallet.

I am also still conflicted whether or not I will use alternative models instead of actual Chimeras. Especially seeing there are kits out now to convert official GW Chimera’s into wheeled versions which I like a lot more than their tracked cousins. This also goes for my use of AT-43’s Red Blok Dotch Yaga stand ins for my Basilisk.

Even though I have quite a number of Kolossus from AT-43’s Red Blok, I have already semi-abandoned them as viable stand ins for Hellhounds due to their smaller than expected size.

The reason I listed all of the models grouped as I did was in order to provide as many possible links to images of my army so you can get an idea of what you are working with (although most of you have seen these pictures before anyways).

Like most forums and such I would ask that you do not list the cost of every component in an army regiment, just list them with the total cost of the unit. For an Infantry Platoon for example the costs for a Command Squad, Regiment and Regiment.

Even though I have lost my faith in some of the models for my Squat army, I will list them anyways because one of you might have a good idea.

- 2 Living Ancestors (Pictures  One and Two)
- 5 Officers (Picture)
- 3 Sergeants (Picture)
- 3 Officers, Vox Caster and Standard Bearer (Picture)
- 9 Squat Troopers (Picture)
- 4,5 Exo Squats (Picture)
- 4 Heavy Weapon Teams (Pictures: One and Two)
- 10 Squat Bikers (Pictures: One and Two)

- 1 Techpriest / Enginseer (White Dwarf Model) (Picture)
- Colonel ‘Iron Hand’ Straken (Picture)
- 5 Model, Platoon Command Squad (Commander, Vox Caster, Standard Bearer, two Plasma Gunners) (Picture)
- 30 Infantry (3 Infantry Squads, 1 Veteran Squad) (Pictures: One, Two, Three, Four)
- 3 Heavy Weapon Mortar Teams (Picture)
- 2 Leman Russ Executioners (Picture)
- 1 Basilisk (Picture)
- 1 Stormlord (Picture)

- 10 Servitors (Converted Epic Landraiders, 4 Plasma, Pictures: One, Two, Three)
- 12 Guardsmen (B’Dass Troopers, No Picture)
- 2 Commissars (B’Dass Commanders, Picture)
- 10 Ogryns (Grizzly Exosuits / Holocaust Judge, Picture)
- 20 Penal Legionaires (Avatar of War, Dwarf Bezerkers)
- 10 Stormtroopers / Veterans with Carapace Armour (Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corps, Picture)
- 4 Sentinels (Robogear Werewolves, Picture, the model on the right)
- 3 Basilisks? (AT-43 Red Blok Dotch Yaga, Picture)
- 9 ??? (AT-43 Red Blok Kolossus, Picture)
- 3 Valkyrie / Vendetta (Robogear Condors, Picture)

* Most of the images are mine....but not all of them. So credit goes to the owners of each image.

Of course if you do not want to bother don't worry about it, at least you can take a look at the models I have collected so far. Thank you all for reading, appreciate it, you are what keeps me motivated.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Midas VI - Squat Homeworld

So here is what I came up with as a backstory for my Squats as well as reasoning how they are still around when the Squat Homeworlds got hit by GW's Banhammer the Tyranid Hivefleet Behemoth.

Midas VI

Discovered by the Squats during their golden age when they were a part of the Imperium of Man. From their homeworld they supplied the Emperor’s armies with their advanced plasma based technology. In order to continue their expansion and advances in technology the Squat Homeworlds continuously searched for possible worlds to colonize in order to continue their supply of resources.

Midas VI was one such planet, rich in minerals but with a strong magnetic core. It’s heavy gravitational pull made it uninhabitable by humanity at large but to the Squat the gravity was only slightly above what they were used to. Located on the fringes of the galaxy outside what was the Imperium the Homeworlds sent off a small colonization fleet along with the troops to protect them against the unknowns of the fringe.

The Squats landed and colonized Midas VI and for a small time things went according to plan, their new colony prospered and the Squat Homeworlds were close to revealing their success to the Imperium as the Hive Fleet descended on them. Midas VI has been cut off from the Imperium ever since. Unsure of what occurred to the Homeworlds they have been reluctant to seek out contact with the Imperium, fearing they had chosen to continue the war that initially consumed their two races.

As far as they were aware they were the only remnants of the Squat race and thus strive to protect and preserve it at any cost. Having to fend for themselves they adhered to the rules and dogma they had been grown accustomed too. Their foundries and factories crafting new tanks and weapons for their own armies, converting industrial machines where needed.

Once again the Squat had become a race apart from the Imperium, isolated and yet enduring. The Tau emissaries were tolerated by the stoic Squats, they neither joined nor opposed their Greater Good and found in them occasional allies and the two races formed their own trade routes.

In the long years they have been on their new planet they started to reach back to the traditions of their forefathers. As their community grew they expanded downwards into the ground, almost all of the Imperial Architecture above left to the harsh elements of Midas VI. From orbit the planet looks all but abandoned and is mostly ignored by the sentient races.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Slow week

So an entire week actually went by without me posting here. So what has been going on lately, well I've been sick for starters and have been in a poor mood related to my ongoing trouble at work and soon lack thereof entirely. So what I did do is the following, I did finish off my first infantry squad (without the Heavy Weapon Team's weapon). The reason the metal is a bronze color has two reasons, one it suits the dwarf/squat models really well and two a friend of mine is into Steampunk and the bronze just helps bring that out.

The Regiment
When basecoating and painting these I did make some mistakes but hopefully the next group will come out better. Some of the models basecoat is way too thick but in the end they turned out okayish.... After all I am nowhere near a paint expert. Im just happy to get something painted for a change ;)

Vox Caster
Plasma Gunner

I am still waiting for my Penal Legion in the Dwarf Bezerkers from Avatar of War. I actually had to order some more paint in order to have colors for the beards on the Squats. For a Squat without a beard is like an army without beer.... Or something.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So besides painting I have been doing a whole lot of nothing really. I am still waiting for my Dwarf Beserkers to get here from Avatar of War, as well as my spare parts for my broken down Landraider. I did put in an order for several Holocaust Judges (thanks Inso) who I will assemble with parts from the Grizzly Exosuits (mix and match) in order to build my Ogryns. All of the models will be assembled with the drill part from my Hardsuit model in order to give it a more mining related appearance.

The only thing I have been tinkering with a little bit has been one of the Servitors to belong to my Enginseer. Based off of Wall-E somewhat this is what I ended up with.

and Side

The model actually ended up being taller than the Enginseer himself and is about as tall as an Imperial Guardsman even without this model being based. The figure ended up being too big for me to use binoculars as its head so I used a targetting system from my broken down Landraider.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Squat Test Model

 As I am not too sure on how the images will look once uploaded to the interwebs, Ill just run through the colors used. What I used are the following:

- Color Primer Leather Brown (Army Painter).
- Charadon Granite (GW Foundation)
- Dheneb Stone (GW Foundation)
- Elf Flesh (GW)
- Chaos Black (GW)
- Dwarf Bronze (GW)
- Quick Shade - Dark Tone (Army Painter)
- Anti-Shine Matt Varnish (Army Painter)

I started out with the usual basecoat, I picked brown because I wanted to stick to earth tones. Earth tones relate to their miner and industrial side as well as relating back to fantasy.

This was followed by picking out the seperate colors, making sure to add a dark gray almost black to offset the mostly brown of the uniform. The haircolor was made greyish for the simple reason that I do not have too many colors that would work as hair. Lasgun was made black and originally I was going to go with the traditional boltgun metal but partly due to Viktor von Domm from Dakka I decided to give Dwarf Bronze a go to get a more Steam Punkish feel.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Squatting or Forming the Guard

Due to my items arriving I continued work on my regular and veteran guardsmen. These models were what I started out with and were always meant to be the core of my Imperial Guard army. Now finally all are assembled so no more empty bases on my table as reminders where models still need to be added.
Each and every Squad has its own Vox Caster as well as a Special Weapon trooper carrying a Plasma gun. My reasoning behind having a Vox Caster is that I might not need them but if I do there is no need to scrounge for bits when that time arrives, the Plasma gun is based around the Squats being generally more technologically advanced than their human counterparts (with my luck this means my Squats melt a lot!).

Platoon Command Squad; two Plasma Guns, Vox and a Banner.
Infantry Squad 1; Heavy Weapon Team, Vox, Plasma Gun

Infantry Squad 2; Heavy Weapon Team, Vox, Plasma Gun

Infantry Squad 3; Heavy Weapon Team, Vox, Plasma Gun
Heavy Weapon Squad; Mortar Teams
I actually messed up during assembly and ended up with one regular Squat trooper less than I needed so I demoted the model originally converted as the Platoon Command Officer to the unit Sergeant for Infantry Squad 3 (behind him if you look carefully you can see a model I was going to make the unit sergeant at first). I do realize that the names of the Squads are not very imaginative and they will most likely get proper names in time.

Veteran Squad; Vox, three Plasma guns
All the models in my Veteran Squad are wearing capes which I might try to paint up with a camouflage team so they can serve properly as Camo Cloaks. At the moment this unit is the only one I am sure of that I want to run as Veterans. I do have twelve B'dass models as well but I am still not sure as to what their purpose is going to be, at the moment it is either Veterans or regular Infantry. Something similar about the Warmachine models, though they are definately Veterans and possibly Stormtroopers.

Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corpse with a regular Squat for size Reference
I did assemble my unit of Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corpse, though I am leaving off their shields until after I get them painted up, attaching the shield now will make it a lot harder to paint it properly. Also the Squat in the image above belongs to Infantry Squad 1, which is why there are only nine models in the unit as I forgot to put it back for the group picture (Oops).

Iron Hand Straken, and two spare Plasma Gunners
With the arrival of my bits I also finished my version of Iron Hand Straken and I equipped two Squats with my last metal plasma guns in order to potentially field a Command Squad with all plasma weapons equipped.

Possible Ogryns, with an actual Ogryn for scale
So I came across the model on the left on Tabletop Fix (damn you Falk!) and just loved the Bioshock vibe the model has. It is called a Hardsuit and is available from Recreational Conflict. I do like the model but I still need to toy around with it's posture and the arms and legs seem to be a bit too thin for my liking. The model on the right is a Grizzly Exosuit from the Starship Troopers range, which I envision as actually being operated from a Squat seated inside the bulk of the machine. Problem with the Grizzly is that I would love to get my hands on some more models but they are now Out of Production and Out of Stock at Mongoose (where I purchased the five that I own now). So if anyone can point me to finding some, id be appreciative.

Grizzly Exosuit

In my eyes both are viable options, so if anyone out there has an opinion feel free to share and enlighten me.

I did paint up my first Squat model as a test to see if my color scheme works alright as well as to test some of the Army Painter stuff I got in. I went with a brown and gray color scheme, I figured Earth and Rock tones would work for them, I did the metals in Dwarf Bronze as opposed to the usual Boltgun Metal. At the time of writing the model is still drying from paint and me 'splashing on' the Quick Shade - Dark Tone, so once it has dried properly I'll dose it with anti gloss and take a picture.

So far so good.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Whats going on... Part Deux!

Whats going on:- My bits order from Bitspudlo came in (the magnets were suspiciously absent though). 
- My five Grizzly Exosuits from the Starship Troopers came in as well and they are awesome... And now no longer sold by if anyone can find a place where I can get some more....yes please. 

With my current bits restocked I can work on finishing off my Squat Veterans, add the Special Weapon Troopers to my Infantry Squads, make three more Heavy Weapon Mortam Teams, and last but not least another Infantry Squad of ten Squats. 

And of course the rest is on the way and then I have to start on the really scary bit.... Painting. Well after I assemble my 'Ogryns', Stormtroopers and Penal Legion soldiers ;)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Whats going on...

Just a minor update (not even any pictures!).

At the moment my paints are starting to come in slowly, figured I give the Army Painter a go to see how I will end up. Am awaiting the last few bits for the Emperor's Pride. At this point I am not even sure how many Terminators I will be able to assemble, I figure I will focus on building an Army List and assemble as needed. I have been reading up on tactics and such, of course the rumors of a new edition for 40K is somewhat unsettling (moreso seeing I only now ordered in Codex: Dark Angels).

Any suggestions on loadout are much appreciated. I do know I will go for a 'Unkillable' Unit of 5 Terminators with Thunderhammers and Stormshield with one of them toting around a Cyclone Missile Launcher. I do have an Assault Cannon or three laying about as well as some Heavy Flamers. Of course if I can swing it I might just make 5 Lightning Clawed Terminators, and 5 Regular ones rounding it off with an Apothecary and Standard Bearer (Note to Self: Need a Logo).

A month and two e-mails further Bitspudlo finally shipped my ordered items, so as soon as they come in I can resume my Squat goodness as well. I did found even more possible Ogryn models, am expecting Avatar of War Dwarf Beserkers, and some Warmachine models. These will most definately be my last acquisition for a while due to some less than stellar news on the job front.

I'll not bore you with too much detail, but suffice to say I might get more time to work on my hobby than even I could wish for.

Oh alright then, one Picture:

Imperial Guard Veterans with Carapace Armour

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Salvage Works

I mentioned before that I acquired a lot from eBay rather cheaply containing a Land Raider. I have decided I am going to try and save it from being a bum purchase. It´s paintjob is horrible, pieces are missing and it has been assembled incorrectly.


So at the moment I am taking it apart carefully and trying to salvage what I can. I ordered in two new Lasgun Sponsons, a new top cover and a new bottom plate. The bottom plate will be cut up in order to close the front ramp which was missing.

The Heavy Bolter at the front needed replacing as well but luckily I had a spare. When working on my Death Guard I ordered a Nurgle Plague Hulk kit from Forge World. This comes with a complete Defiler kit included, I used the gun from that on my Chaos Landraider leaving me a spare.

Lucky Me!

(I did paint up another model of the Pride this time with the Scibor parts and using a slightly diffirent color scheme. Dheneb Stone instead of Commando Khaki).

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Emperors Pride - Test Model

 Right, so I painted one of the models that came from the cheap eBay combo acquisition of a Landraider, a Dreadnought and 5 Terminators. I figured it was time to try out the paint scheme, or as close as I could get with the paints I have in my possession at the moment.

Painting is basic, as I haven´t done so in a while and I never was very skilled (as I keep saying so I will drop that now).

Also the lighting might be off due to it being cloudy out and me lacking proper lighting for picture purposes. Listing all this makes me wonder why I even bothered to take the pictures and put them up in the first place. I have to say though that having it sitting here I think it looks pretty good. Not as awesome as some but still I am quite happy with it.

Do note that because this is one of the test models (and was already painted when I got it....and with a terrible paintjob) I had to paint over the existing paint as well as not having the Scibor pieces I ordered. So the actual army models will have a nicer base as well as some additional conversion pieces attached. And no, I didn´t paint the stormbolter yet as I am not sure what color to make it yet.

So far so good right?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Random Servitor Thought

So....I just thought up with a nifty idea for one of my servitors. Something which should be easily doable with the addition of a few bits from the Imperial Guard etc. So I am using these as a base for any and all of my servitors, most of which have the function to assist the Enginseer in repairs to vehicles and such.



So seeing I basically got a bottom half somewhat similar to the image depicted to my left all I need to do is heighten the body somewhat, add a pair of Binoculars as eyes and find some arms and I'll have my very own Wall-E Servitor.....

...What?! I think it would be awesome!


(Told you had the weekend off, I totally automated this post!)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weekend Off!

Started assembling the Land Raider, and been looking around for a possible logo to use for my Personal Chapter. Easier said then done, especially with my limited painting skills. But I am going to give it a go damnit!
Just....not this weekend as I am totally taking it off to do other stuff. Away from work most of next week though so Ill get some stuff done.

The Bits order I placed almost a month ago still hasn't arrived, making it doubtful I will ever order from that company again. I dont care how you spin it, if the stuff is in stock when the order is placed it does should not take a month before you even ship it. Which it still hasn't according to the site. Bah.

I did come up with a color scheme for the Emperor's Pride which I think will work out alright. Ive been wanting to use the Khaki color for a while now so I figure the scheme will be something like the one depicted on the right.

Gray base color, Khaki covering and either Gold or Yellow for highlights and special bits.

Those bits that are yet to come in / be sent are the ones containing my Dwarf parts in order for me to create more Squats, so I am more than a bit miffed there does not seem to be any change on that front.

But alright then.... I did make some Servitors for my Enginseer. At the moment I made 6 Servitors armed with Plasma Cannons, I have another 1 with a Barrel on top to serve as a regular servitor. I am scrounging through my bit box in order to outfit the others as well. Of course I am aware that I can only have two Servitors armed with weaponry in a group of I guess I got two spares.

6 Plasma Cannon armed Servitors

Friday, June 24, 2011

Emperor's Pride

First off before anything else, this is a work in progress for my Deathwing army. The only thing I knew about them is that I wanted to run a Terminator as Troops army with some Lion themed conversion pieces I had seen over at Scibor. It was Markillius08, over at Dakka, who came up with the name so he deserves full credit for that.

So here I give you what I acquired for The Emperor's Pride Chapter so far.

First off I do have a Terminator Commander who was in the process of being converted....but he might be downgraded to a unit champion. 
Here is my Chapter's boss, Lugft Heron, I might remove the flamer left hand in favor of another in order to make sure he doesn´t look like Lugft as much...makes no sense does it?
For my second HQ Choice I went with a Chaplain in Terminator armor as it seemed the logical choice. I might have to look into using a Librarian as well. Time permitting I could eventually paint up the Space Hulk Terminators to match my color scheme (as soon as I figure it out).

My Assault Terminator Squad will be lead by Tyberos, the Red Wake. And Yes, I did see some nice models on Forgeworld thankyouverymuch.

I bought one cheap Landraider from eBay but that turned out to be damaged beyond repair as well as missing pieces. So I need to get my hands on another one at some point, or find bits to replace the things not there which might be problematic.

So at the moment I got enough parts to assemble up to 15 Terminators. These pieces include leftover items I had from when I made my Deathguard Terminators, the Assault on Black Reach Terminators and of course the boxed Terminator Squad that arrived from GW.

However. I am not assembling them just yet because I made sure to poke around for pieces to make them my own. The name of Emperor's Pride comes directly from these pieces, I saw them and I got inspired by their look. I did see an image a long time ago in the White Dwarf they were the Spartan themed Space Marines.

As for the helmet parts I do not like all of them, the ones I like are the following. Top layer from left to right: 3, 4 (My Favourites), 6, 7 and 8. I made sure to order in more than I need in order to get the ones I like. I also realized that the Shields are pretty damn tall. I mean 31mm that is taller than most models, it might require some work to get it all in order. As for the shoulders, for some of the parts I own there will be some filing and sanding required in order to make them work. 

I am confident that in the end though it should make for a very impressive look.... Am really looking forward to getting into them. Makes me wish the mail would go faster.

And sorry, no Squats today....