Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Salvage Works

I mentioned before that I acquired a lot from eBay rather cheaply containing a Land Raider. I have decided I am going to try and save it from being a bum purchase. It´s paintjob is horrible, pieces are missing and it has been assembled incorrectly.


So at the moment I am taking it apart carefully and trying to salvage what I can. I ordered in two new Lasgun Sponsons, a new top cover and a new bottom plate. The bottom plate will be cut up in order to close the front ramp which was missing.

The Heavy Bolter at the front needed replacing as well but luckily I had a spare. When working on my Death Guard I ordered a Nurgle Plague Hulk kit from Forge World. This comes with a complete Defiler kit included, I used the gun from that on my Chaos Landraider leaving me a spare.

Lucky Me!

(I did paint up another model of the Pride this time with the Scibor parts and using a slightly diffirent color scheme. Dheneb Stone instead of Commando Khaki).

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Emperors Pride - Test Model

 Right, so I painted one of the models that came from the cheap eBay combo acquisition of a Landraider, a Dreadnought and 5 Terminators. I figured it was time to try out the paint scheme, or as close as I could get with the paints I have in my possession at the moment.

Painting is basic, as I haven´t done so in a while and I never was very skilled (as I keep saying so I will drop that now).

Also the lighting might be off due to it being cloudy out and me lacking proper lighting for picture purposes. Listing all this makes me wonder why I even bothered to take the pictures and put them up in the first place. I have to say though that having it sitting here I think it looks pretty good. Not as awesome as some but still I am quite happy with it.

Do note that because this is one of the test models (and was already painted when I got it....and with a terrible paintjob) I had to paint over the existing paint as well as not having the Scibor pieces I ordered. So the actual army models will have a nicer base as well as some additional conversion pieces attached. And no, I didn´t paint the stormbolter yet as I am not sure what color to make it yet.

So far so good right?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Random Servitor Thought

So....I just thought up with a nifty idea for one of my servitors. Something which should be easily doable with the addition of a few bits from the Imperial Guard etc. So I am using these as a base for any and all of my servitors, most of which have the function to assist the Enginseer in repairs to vehicles and such.



So seeing I basically got a bottom half somewhat similar to the image depicted to my left all I need to do is heighten the body somewhat, add a pair of Binoculars as eyes and find some arms and I'll have my very own Wall-E Servitor.....

...What?! I think it would be awesome!


(Told you had the weekend off, I totally automated this post!)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weekend Off!

Started assembling the Land Raider, and been looking around for a possible logo to use for my Personal Chapter. Easier said then done, especially with my limited painting skills. But I am going to give it a go damnit!
Just....not this weekend as I am totally taking it off to do other stuff. Away from work most of next week though so Ill get some stuff done.

The Bits order I placed almost a month ago still hasn't arrived, making it doubtful I will ever order from that company again. I dont care how you spin it, if the stuff is in stock when the order is placed it does should not take a month before you even ship it. Which it still hasn't according to the site. Bah.

I did come up with a color scheme for the Emperor's Pride which I think will work out alright. Ive been wanting to use the Khaki color for a while now so I figure the scheme will be something like the one depicted on the right.

Gray base color, Khaki covering and either Gold or Yellow for highlights and special bits.

Those bits that are yet to come in / be sent are the ones containing my Dwarf parts in order for me to create more Squats, so I am more than a bit miffed there does not seem to be any change on that front.

But alright then.... I did make some Servitors for my Enginseer. At the moment I made 6 Servitors armed with Plasma Cannons, I have another 1 with a Barrel on top to serve as a regular servitor. I am scrounging through my bit box in order to outfit the others as well. Of course I am aware that I can only have two Servitors armed with weaponry in a group of I guess I got two spares.

6 Plasma Cannon armed Servitors

Friday, June 24, 2011

Emperor's Pride

First off before anything else, this is a work in progress for my Deathwing army. The only thing I knew about them is that I wanted to run a Terminator as Troops army with some Lion themed conversion pieces I had seen over at Scibor. It was Markillius08, over at Dakka, who came up with the name so he deserves full credit for that.

So here I give you what I acquired for The Emperor's Pride Chapter so far.

First off I do have a Terminator Commander who was in the process of being converted....but he might be downgraded to a unit champion. 
Here is my Chapter's boss, Lugft Heron, I might remove the flamer left hand in favor of another in order to make sure he doesn´t look like Lugft as much...makes no sense does it?
For my second HQ Choice I went with a Chaplain in Terminator armor as it seemed the logical choice. I might have to look into using a Librarian as well. Time permitting I could eventually paint up the Space Hulk Terminators to match my color scheme (as soon as I figure it out).

My Assault Terminator Squad will be lead by Tyberos, the Red Wake. And Yes, I did see some nice models on Forgeworld thankyouverymuch.

I bought one cheap Landraider from eBay but that turned out to be damaged beyond repair as well as missing pieces. So I need to get my hands on another one at some point, or find bits to replace the things not there which might be problematic.

So at the moment I got enough parts to assemble up to 15 Terminators. These pieces include leftover items I had from when I made my Deathguard Terminators, the Assault on Black Reach Terminators and of course the boxed Terminator Squad that arrived from GW.

However. I am not assembling them just yet because I made sure to poke around for pieces to make them my own. The name of Emperor's Pride comes directly from these pieces, I saw them and I got inspired by their look. I did see an image a long time ago in the White Dwarf they were the Spartan themed Space Marines.

As for the helmet parts I do not like all of them, the ones I like are the following. Top layer from left to right: 3, 4 (My Favourites), 6, 7 and 8. I made sure to order in more than I need in order to get the ones I like. I also realized that the Shields are pretty damn tall. I mean 31mm that is taller than most models, it might require some work to get it all in order. As for the shoulders, for some of the parts I own there will be some filing and sanding required in order to make them work. 

I am confident that in the end though it should make for a very impressive look.... Am really looking forward to getting into them. Makes me wish the mail would go faster.

And sorry, no Squats today....

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Heavy Weapons and Bikers...

Heavy Bolter
So on page one of my thread over at Dakka Dakka someone requested some more pictures of my heavy weapon team beyond the grainy one I put up when I started this blog. As I am currently dual blogging at two places, and am too lazy to figure out to properly work Dakka I type this blog first in order to properly upload my images for use in the other post. Mwahah. Don't worry I did not make three different Heavy Weapon Teams at the moment all the weapons (Heavy Bolter, Autocannon and Lascannon) are interchangeable.

The reason the gunner is so far away from the Heavy Weapon has a simple reason really. The Lascannon is actually longer at the back than the Autocannon or the Heavy Bolter. So if I had assembled it as it should be, I would not be able to swap out all of the heavy weapon options. I might have to tweak it so it looks like he is using a small remote to fire the weapon.

And yes. I have several Squats toting a full beer mug along with them. After all they might be from space, they are still dwarfs damnit!


I have also been receiving the suggestion to get my hands on some Squat Bikers and Trikers in order to get an old school unit of Rough Riders. To appease those people Ive decided to take some proper pictures of my Squat Bikers and stick them on here as well. Of course I have put aside the arm problem for a while as I focus on other things.

I got in my ordered Terminator bits from eBay, only ordered the Scibor stuff yesterday though. So that should take a bit of time, the same with the items from Games Workshop. Anyone ever notice how Forgeworld sends out its stuff so much faster than GW does?

I hit another snag, I want to get more Cyclone Missile Launchers in my units than I seem to be able to find online. Does anyone know of a place where I can either get proper Cyclone Missile Launchers or similar items to stick on my Emperor's Pride Terminators.

..and Trikers


I will post some more stuff on my Deathwing Army's work in progress at a later date, I think expanding my blog to accomadate them is the next stop. And yes Emperor's Pride is the name of my personal Chapter, I wish I had come up with that name though. 

To not end on a completely non Squat note: Here is a Squat Infantry Regiment.

See you next time! (Hopefully Blogger will accomdate me then, took me hours before I was able to upload these images)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Classics

Officers, note the triplets in the back.
Right, so this has been a long time coming. To be honest due to my general lack of photographing skills I did not feel too confident that they would turn out alright. But as I am still awaiting a shipment of bits, glue and other assorted stuff I figured I might as well take the plunge and show what original Squat models I have.
So here we go.

Officers, Vox and Banner
Squat Sergeants

Squat Troopers
Exo Squats

Heavy Weapon Squads
More Heavy Weapon Squads

So here is hoping that I can continue my tinkering soon as my order of bits come in, at the rate things are going it'll be work on my Deathwing before I'll finish any more Squats. Then again...Deathwing is cool too. I got in my eBay order of a Land Raider, 5 Terminators and a Dreadnought and they look appalling. The Land Raider is even missing some pieces, I am not sure I will be able to restore it least I got a nice wreck out of it....maybe.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


So, as previously mentioned, my Shadowsword kit arrived in the mail the other day and of course being as happy as a kid on christmas morning I decided not to waste too much time and started assembly.

I had already decided to build the Stormlord out of the kit prior to its arrival. There is just something about a tank being able to spew forth 40 troopers that got me all excited.

I had actually just started on my Squat Imperial Guard when I won this kit so for me it was a no-brainer that the Superheavy would be for my Squat Army. The fact that I just started assembling all my human Guardsmen as well has not changed my opinions in the least. Size matters to Squats as well!

There is one thing I wonder about though, in the Apocalypse Reloaded book it is listed as having side sponsons with twin-linked Heavy Flamers and gives no option to upgrade them to Heavy Bolters. My Army Builder however does give that option (so I assembled it with Heavy Bolters over the flamers).

Say Hello to my little friend...
If all goes as I have been assured my bits will be arriving next week as well. A payday is almost here again so I already started thinking about what to acquire then. After that I think I might be forced to do that most horrendous of things....painting.

I am really not good at that...luckily I got humans to practice on. As always any and all constructive feedback is acquired.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Size Comparison Shots

From Left to Right:
 Ladies and Gentlemen...

My Shadowsword arrived in the mail today. Ordered from the UK, shipped to New Zealand only to be returned to the Netherlands, its world tour is over.

And there was much rejoicing!

...Hellound, Glaive APC...

I should have commented about the APC and my Shadowsword sooner as apparently that worked and had the desired effect. I did open the box but have not yet started on assembling the Super Heavy Tank, I did finish up assembling all of my regular Guardsmen models.

To the right are some size comparison shots I took between one of my Squats and a regular sized Guardsman. Also did some size comparison between the Robogear Walker and a Sentinel and finally some shots of the diffirent APC options beside an old Hellhound (which shares the Chimera Chassis, and is basecoated black so even I have trouble spotting it >_<).

...Half Ute and the Sand Carrier.

None of the APCs have been assembled, this explains why the Half Ute sits so low, assembled it would be higher. After receiving the Old Crow APC today I have to say one thing... I have never ever received a resin model that looked so neat and tight. There literally is no moulds and junk to clear off, very nice.

I am still leaning towards the Half Ute but the Glaive is very nice as well. Perhaps Ill use them for my actual human army which I kind of gathered by accident in my persuit of Squats. To improve on the Half Ute I will most likely order some loose pieces from Ramshackle to enlarge the cabin at the back.

Look a Boring Machine!
Human and Squat.

Sentinel and Robogear Walker...

...with Infantry for scale.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blurry Images!

Sentinel Replacements
Right seeing a comment on my previous post was about it has been a while since I posted some actual images of my Squats I decided to take some more (bad) images and upload them in order to show you all what I got so far. The empty bases with Units are just there as a visual reminder of where I need to assemble some more troops as my large bits order comes in.

Veteran Squad
The Werewolf walkers behind my Veteran Squad on the left are taller than a regular Imperial Guard Sentinel but will most likely work well as stand ins. If used in that capacity that leaves me with nine Red Blok Kolossi to find a use for. As mentioned previously they are a tad small for use as Hellhounds.

So I will need to find a new use for them, suggestions are more than welcome (those are suggestions, beyond get a decent camera).

General Overview
As you can see my table needs a lot of work still as well, I have scenery but most of it is unpainted (and possibly subject to change, yay Pegasus Models).

The colored models in the back, the Dotch Yaga's are to be my Basilisks and their size is similar to that of the actual model. The blue model is a Robogear Condor which will most likely be pressed into service as a Valkyrie.

Some more bits trickled in as well so I get to assemble some Plasma Servitors for my Enginseer, the Dwarf bodies still haven't arrived and I am still waiting on my Stormlord as well as several possible APC's. More updates as soon as I get my stuff!

Ratling Snipers, etc.
Army Overview Shot

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

No News is Good News?


Just a very minor update about nothing really. I am still waiting for my bits and such to arrive to actually let me do some more converting and assembly. The tools I ordered arrived and as soon as they did I realized I need to get my hands on a fine saw of sorts in order to continue a conversion I got waiting.

I did get in a Thunderlord from Avatars of War, to serve as another HQ slot or whatever I can make of him. He is depicted to the right here. In fact I was so tired of waiting I actually started assembling my 40 armless human Imperial Guard as well as tinkering with my Assault on Black Reach Space Marines.

Thinking about maybe making a small Deathwing Army....

Save me!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

More Warpath

Hello All,

I just found these on Tabletop Fix so all credit there (he of course credits it to Beasts of War originally but still). Reposted it due to the fact they are Space Dwarf related. So here are some more artwork pictures of Mantic's upcoming game Warpath.