Friday, June 3, 2011


So on Beasts of War came the announcement from Mantic Games. They are indeed releasing a Sci Fi game: Warpath.
I have to say I am quite interested in this, actual sci fi dwarfs and vehicles to get my paws on. To those interested Beasts of War now has a subscribers area that will offer further scoops on the development as the game as well as provide early access to the Beta testing of the ruleset designed for the game. So if you are interested hop on over there and do your thing. Just keep in mind that Mantic will do a public beta later as well.

Informations so far:
- release in october 2011
- big battles
- written by Alessio Calvatore
-  8 races (?), Orcs and Dwarves confirmed

The Video with the news should be watcheable Here.

Below I've included the images that were 'leaked' a while back.

The Squats will Rise Again!


  1. This is exciting news!

    bye bye GW!

    Thanks for the pics,


  2. You were really, really fast on commenting :) I only just put that up after watching Beasts of War myself.

  3. The first thing I thought when I saw their fantasy Dwarfs was 'They look like they would make good Sci-fi Dwarfs' if by magic...

    I think Kylie Minougue needs to visit me...

    ...Come on magic, work again... :)

    The trike looks good but I'll reserve judgement on the rest (the walking vehicles look a bit pants at the moment...)

  4. According what they said on BoW (and im sure they will put up a video so you can replay it soon) is that it won't be out till late in the year...but still... Im still excited!
    I think we got enough walkers already dont you ^_^

  5. one never can have enough is the current thing to have^^

    viktor von domm

  6. I know you're really interested in the more "sci-fi" dwarves, as opposed to more imperial industrial types, but I thought you might like to look at these vehicles I found,
    Pretty big links so I'll just share that one, but if you have a look around there are some really nice things, good look with the army ^_^

  7. Hey I'll gladly peruse any and (almost) all leads and suggestions so thanks! Of course the lack of a local store that sells cardstock, and me not owning a Printer might make papercraft a tad tricky to say the least.

    (also ah dunnae read Spanish >_<)