Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Holding Pattern

Well seeing that all my stuff is on hold at the moment due to me awaiting new models or supplies, I don't really have too much to share with everyone. I might have a sit down and try to figure out where my army comes from, to pick their own world and why they have been out of the world so long.
Just to get out that feeling of nostalgia ill include a listing of the actual Squat models I have most of which do not yet have a purpose in my army. So far everything save a Living Ancestor are awaiting roles to be assigned to them. Suggestions, as always, are more than welcome.

- Two Command Squads of three Squats each
- Mole Mortar with two Crewman
- Three Heavy Weapon Teams
- Five Squat Exo Suits
- Two Squat Sergeants
- Squat Commander
- Squat General
- Twelve or thirteen Squat Troopers

I would include some pictures but they are even worse than the ones I made in my first posts. If pictures are needed Ill give it another go with my iPhone.

So beyond waiting, writing a background, the other thing I can do is tinker with my Robogear models and try to figure out how to kitbash some of them into a Manticore and a Valkyrie for starters.
Of course I might keep some of the models as they are, they do look kind of like working machines....well kinda.
My version has a big shovel like hand and of course the weaponry is installed diffirently without the missiles on top. Could use them as stand ins for possible Apocalypse games or for my regular IG army...not that I have one yet but with the sheer amount of armless models I got laying around now.


  1. that walker looks cool, could you show a complete view of it?

    viktor von domm

  2. Probably could, thats just one I stole off of the Internet. My picture taking abilities are terrible. The model is a Robogear Werewolf if that helps in any way?

  3. just checked the robogear stuff... this looks promising... how is the scale compared to GW stuff? via ebay it is taged to 1:35 models... the walker is something i have to look into further...you really got me hooked up again on plastic crack^^

    viktor von domm

  4. It is plastic crack! I bought the starter kit, and instead of getting the usual content of two spider tanks, two wheeled tanks, two walkers and two air vehicles. The Wheeled tanks were lacking but I had four walkers.


    That thread has an image of a Robogear walker next to an IG Sentinel.