Friday, May 20, 2011

And then there was one...

So for some reason after playing a game of Warhammer 40K against the Imperial Guard I've decided to collect my own army of them as well. It is not the first time I have toyed with the thought as I did own a Cadian Battleforce (unassembled) but have been looking for that special surge of inspiration.

The Humble Beginning of my Army.

As I also play Deathguard Chaos, my initial thought was to make an army of Traitor Guard so I can use both together in my games against the forces of the Imperium. But somehow something was missing, I did order a large number of Pig Iron troopers to get the Death Korps vibe but still...
Then I came across this P&M article on Dakka Dakka by ArbitorIan as well as the Squat header on the Mik's Minis blog by Mik.

So with having a load of unassembled Cadians laying about, and after being thoroughly inspired, I placed an order with GW to get myself some plastic dwarfs. I have since learned that converting is easier with the previous boxed set of plastic dwarfs as their heads, arms, torsos and legs are seperate whereas the new set has the entire body and head in two pieces of plastic. In order to make the Lasgun fit it means a lot of repositioning, delicate cutting and filing down bits and pieces and even then it doesn't always align properly (hence the space marine shoulderpad).

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