Sunday, May 22, 2011

Primaris Psyker - Living Ancestor

Wait till I get my hands on you, you young whippersnappers!
And here, finally, is my HQ choice. Once more inspired by ArbitorIan on DakkaDakka. Unlike his Living Ancestor (pictured below) the model I could get my hands on was the one seated in a sidecar, so I decided to turn it into a wheelchair of sorts.

After experimenting with using diffirent types of shields to make the wheels I decided to go an alternate route and mount the entire model on top of an Epic Land Raider giving him a mechanized chair which does seem to be in line with how technologically advanced the Squats are.

As the picture is most likely unclear (grr) it may be hard to tell but I like how the model seems to be so very static. He is laying back in his seat almost as if in a coma or asleep but at the same time he is keeping a cane ready to smack some sense into his enemies.

Ow, my Back!
As you can see ArbitorIan's Living Ancestor looks to be a lot more sprightly than my old guy taking a nap. Well at least my guy doesn't have to walk anywhere so there is that.

For those who actually read this, my updates will slow down, they always do, unless I'm kept motivated. Well I'm off to glue my Squat Bikers together now.

As for the caption....well couldn't help myself.

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