Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shadowsword for Armageddon

So I believe I mentioned in my last post that I have (or will have) a Shadowsword as a Super Heavy Tank. I feel quite lucky to mention that I did not actually buy the boxed set as depicted to the right.
As I was browsing my way through blogs and forums I stumbled across a link that lead me to the Heroes of Armageddon blog. After reading what they were all about I decided to support them and made a donation.
This was whilst I was working a nightshift Friday going on Saturday. Imagine my surprise that the next day I had won the weekly prize in the form of one of three possible prizes (my pick). The choices were a Blood Angels Battleforce, an Ork Stompa or a Shadowsword. Seeing that I have a very limited amount of Orks, and didn't feel like saving a new army in the form of the Blood Angels this left me the Shadowsword. Of course the fact that I was just starting up an Imperial Guard army in the form of my Squats was a lucky coincidence!

So I would like to ask everyone to head on over to the Heroes of Armageddon blog and read what they are all about. And if you want to get in on those Weekly Prizes and get a chance to win one the four armies they are building donate some dollars. If you look at the location of the weekly winners you can see that anyone anywhere is able to get in on this. They are in the process of building the following armies:
Steel Legion, Blood Angels, Speed Freaks and Orks.

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