Monday, May 23, 2011

The Army so Far...

Aloha, no crappy pictures at the moment (I'm writing this from work which is suitably slow to allow me time to do so). I figured I'd give a brief overview of the miniatures I have and are either already converted or in various stages of assembly. So far I have the following (or will have there is one tank still in the mail):

My base for Col. "Iron Hand" Straken.
1 Living Ancestor (Primaris Psyker)
1 Enginseer
1 Col. "Iron Hand" Straken

3 Ogryns
10 Ratling Snipers

1 Command HQ (5 Models, 1 Heavy Weapon Team)
1 Infantry Squad (10 Models, 1 Heavy Weapon Team)
1 Infantry Squad (10 Models, 1 Heavy Weapon Team)
1 Veteran Squad (8 Models)

Fast Attack:
10 Squat Bikers (Rough Riders)
2 Sentinels

Heavy Support:
2 Leman Russ Executioners
1 Basilisk

Super Heavy:
1 Shadowsword

Col "Iron Hand" Straken is in the progress of being converted but I lack the bits to finish him (namely the Plasma Pistol). In fact I am out of Plasma Guns entirely so I need to get my paws on some so I can outfit the units properly. Also need to get two more cloaked dwarf bodies to round out my Veterans. I also need to finish up the Servitors for my Enginseer (and perhaps add a second one), I have a load of Epic Land Raiders all ready to go. I might have to make some troopers into Vox Caster bearers as well...

Considering these for my "Chimera" Transports.
 The Bikers are currently being reassembled, they arrived from eBay with the original mold lines still in need of clipping! Of course some of them have also been assembled wrong but who cares about a thing like that really...
The Sentinels and Leman Russ Executioners have not yet been assembled. For the Sentinels I might go another route and use stand in models. I have a nice collection of Robogear stuff laying about to allow me to do some kitbashing. The Executioners are awaiting my paycheck so I can order in some magnets to allow me to make the main weapon swappeable.

And when I get around to it I need to look around to get some troop transports sorted as well. At the moment I am seriously considering the model depicted to the left. This is a Half Ute by Ramshackle Games, a company whose models are also in the 28mm range. They also sell the vehicle parts seperately to allow people to design and create their own combinations. Of course in order to know how well it fits it means I need to order one, luckily they are not too expensive.

As I do not have my book handy I am not entirely certain wether or not the Imperial Guard has any Deep Strikers (I thought Stormtroopers have it). What I do know is that there is no option to buy any Drop Pods for the army. Which is a shame....

Drop Pods! Kinda.
...because who says that Deep Strikers come from above. They might as well emerge from the ground! In any case they should make for some neat tabletop scenery.

I have already started thinking about a possible color scheme for my army, but as I am short on basecoat at the moment the actual painting will have to wait a while longer.

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