Sunday, May 29, 2011

Humans Allowed?

So seeing I have some people actually reading this now, I pose the following question: Should I allow some human sized models in my army for bulking out purposes or stick to Meta-Humans only? (At the moment it isnt even Squats only as I do have some Ratlings and Ogres).

The reason for asking this is because I rediscovered that I have enough of these Kolony Militia by Pig Iron Productions laying about to fill myself an entire conscript squad. And what better way for a few humans to serve in the Squat Military Machine as a very small expendable cog. 

I ordered the lot of them ages ago when I was concidering a more traditional guard army (which I might still start, if I get enough lasgun holding arms to actually build all my Cadians). I do like the look of their helmets and ordered in more than enough to equip all of them with their proper heads and leave enough left over to convert the Cadians as well. So Human Meatshields? Yes or No?

And to stay somewhat on topic. I think the guy on the left might serve as either a high ranking officer or my Army General. I mean....he has a top hat and a suit.

There really is no competition there right? Right?

Well for today I'll actually do something in the form of carefully clipping my Leman Russ Executioners out of their sprues and perhaps start some basic assembly as I await the arrival of the magnets and the rest of my goodies for the coming month.

Anyways, thanks for reading! And I tip my hat to you, Sirs

(The model above is only 25mm tall, including the top hat, so smaller than a regular Dwarf).


  1. I can see no reason why a few humans couldn't be included in your army...either as conscripts or even some form of mercenary (maybe count as storm-troopers?).

    I quite like the Dwarf with the top hat...where is he from?

    It is funny that you are doing the boring stuff too...I am gap filling and trimming bases and the like. Sometimes the husbandry just needs doing before the fun stuff starts!

    Keep up the good work and I hope you get some WIP stuff up soon :).

  2. The Dwarf with the top hat is called Thomas Rockheart Jr from the game Wolsung; Steam Pulp Fantasy


  3. Hmmm, no.

    I see no problem with this fluff wise, but it's too against the theme imho. If you are struggling for minis, I wonder that you haven't found Olley's Armies Scrunts yet ( - particularly their psychic corp perhaps...

  4. I did find Olley's Armies Scrunties actually :) But I have 50 of the Pig Iron Militia right here right now. From Olley I did order in some Tank Crew, I didnt go ahead to buy myself a large collection of troopers yet though.
    I thought the humans would make excellent meat shields...was even going to get myself a Squat Commisar.
    So that is one Yay and one Nay.

  5. I reckon that Squats would be in short supply, seeing as most of them were eaten by Tyranids, and that would suggest that they would need allies to be able to fight large scale wars.

    Allied humans would also seem perfectly legit because it has already been shown in the fluff that some humans have become disillusioned with the Imperium and have joined forces with the Tau.

    I would suggest that Squat Commissars for the humans would need to be more leader officers than 'evil herders who shoot troops for cowardice' though. Inspiration rather than fear...the humans would have joined for a place to get away from the Empire rather than being used as slaves. I can't see the Squats having slaves...their pride would never allow it.

  6. Thanks for the link to the steam pulp fantasy site. I enjoyed searching through their game. Keep up the good work on the squats. I think the humans would be an ok fill in for now and they could be re-purposed in another army later. I would have to vote for a no humans in the completed army though. I like the "irregular" feel it gives.

  7. The Steam Pulp looks interesting enough (and with free test rules) that I might just give it a go. So you are more than welcome :)

    I ordered in two Commisar looking models from Hasslefree, and might invest in getting the Gnome Guard from Olley, they are smaller than the Squats and are supposed to be that might work.

  8. hmmm 50 pigiorn guys... as mercs or conscripts this could work... but then i think given human behavior to "abhuman" races i think they would want to be rather leaders than this might be a negative fulffwise backslapp...

    viktor von domm

  9. I was thinking Conscripts, take a Commissar HQ Choice and either stick it in the Conscripts Unit or next to it so they become Stubborn and effectively have Ld 10 (mwahaha)

  10. Hmmm, occurs to me that my solution to the squat population problem might work for you here too. No humans, but what are a race of angry engineers gonna do to get even? ROBOTS!

    Considered some necron conversions?

  11. The problem with that idea is that I dont have any Necrons either. If I need to acquire new models it might as well be Squats. The reason I asked is because I do already own the human troops.