Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stand Ins

I have to admit that at the moment I do not have the amount of time to spend on building my army as I would like. At the moment I am working 6 days a week with one day off as my weekend, and this will continue for at least another month. So at the upside im raking in some cash to continue my hobby, on the downside it leaves little time for modelling and painting. Well, modelling works out okay, just painting gets left behind (not one of my strong suits to start with).

Mik mentioned in a comment to my previous post he was planning on using his Squat Bikers as Sentinels to allow them to pack some more 'Oomph'. I do agree that using them as Rough Riders is downgrading their abilities somewhat but to me that is the only one that fits. If used as Sentinels that means you can have no more than three models in a loose unit which seems a bit too few. Of course there is also the size discrepancy between their size (which brings up the question does it matter if you are already using diffirent models?).

Seeing its almost payday, I'll list off some models I have acquired, am in the process of acquiring or will acquire to be used as stand in models for my army.

Monowheel by Tobsen
The image to the right is of something called a MonoWheel. My initial plan was to use these as a stand in model of sorts for a Hellhound.
The 'plan' was simply to model a left over Squat Biker model as the driver and stick a Flamer from the regular Sentinel models on one of the sides and complete it with a diffirent weapon on the other side. As the model arrived it was actually smaller than I thought it would be, and though I briefly considered mounting it on a Warhammer Fantasy Regiment Movement tray to get the same 'footprint' as an actual Hellhound. Unfortunately for the Monowheel I found some other models to use for either a Hellhound or my Sentinels.

AT-43 Red Blok - Kolossus
 Of course I do not actually have these models in my possession (yet), but I do plan to acquire them when my pay comes in as they are actually looking pretty awesome and are not too expensive at all.
I proudly present the Red Blok Kolossus from the (discontinued) Rackham game of AT-43.
They are taller than regular 40K Models, but smaller than a Dreadnought if I saw correctly.
In my eyes these would make excellent Sentinels or Hellhounds, all depending on what weapons are modelled on them.

(I so need to check out the differences between those two units now, might just use them for both model types)

Starship Troopers - Grizzly Exosuit

Sadly there are even more stand in models I am considering. Off to the side here is what I am considering for either my Stormtroopers or Ogryns. Seeing their size I think Ogryn's would suit them better due to their bulk, which is considerable compared to regular troopers. In fact it almost seems like there is a Squat inside them operating them like a Tau Battlesuit. Guess that means Exosquats will have to be the Stormtroopers then, now to get some more of those as well....

Below here are Grymns with a Pig Iron head swap. The person who made them uses them as a tunnel fighter army of sorts, he collects an army but doesnt actually play them but if he had to give them an home in the 40K-verse he too would pick Imperial Guard. Im tempted to perhaps get a unit or two and use them as my Penal Legions.

Grymn Tunnel Fighters
Anyways thanks for reading, credit for the images and helping me find all these models goes out to Viktor von Domm and Inso from Dakka Dakka for allowing me to pester them with questions about cool looking models and where to get them, also a big Kudos to Mik for being a good sport about me being way too inquisitive and giving my blog a shout out. Seems like a lot of the models I really like all belong to Out of Production ranges. Go Figure.


  1. Cheers for the mention :). Lots of good stuff on here so I've bookmarked you.

  2. I'm glad Mik pointed me this way. These guys are awesome! We need to get you on the Minions of the Monster Master Podcast for an interview.

  3. I am quite glad he did too, it's really nice actually getting some traffic and comments now. Beats writing stuff that no one reads.
    Me on a Podcast? Not too much to tell about them, I started the army, looked around, found stuff thats basically the gist of it.
    Still need to order them of course, which I will...soon.

  4. thanks for the shout out^^

    hope you can get a hold of some of the kolossus minis...

    viktor von domm

  5. I did actually Vik. I have three unit boxes of the Kolossi coming in and three of the big artillery looking units.