Friday, May 27, 2011

Call for Reinforcements, Received!

As payday has come and gone, I've put in some orders from several diffirent companies. Ordering some of the usual suspects most people tend to have a use for. In all honesty I should have had this stuff already but I jumped into getting models first, after all I've spent some time away from the hobby.

I ordered the following basic essentials:
- Round Bases; to allow me to mount my models properly, as the Fantasy Dwarf boxes which are the base for my Squats use square bases.
- A boatload of Neodymium Magnets; to allow me to get the weapon swapping options I was planning to have.
- Green Stuff; A must have for heavy duty conversion work.
- Cans of Base Coat and Varnish; well speaks for itself really...

As I'm taking this seriously I also invested in new tools, partly spurred on by the fact I actually managed to snap the blade on my modelling knife and I cant for the life of me remember where my spares are. So new tools, new glue, and new super glue activator.

Now to get to the 'Reinforcements' bit, I ordered in 5 of the Grizzly Exosuit - Starship Trooper models I mentioned in my last post. From a site specialized in bits I ordered in 20 Dwarf Bodies, and only 3 Lasgun arms as they ran out, also got myself the bits needed to finish off my version of 'Iron Hand'. As for the bodies, I figure ill see how far along I will get, I need 4 complete models to round out my Veteran Squad and my Platoon Command Squad, 6 more are destined for some additional Heavy Weapon Teams, leaving me enough bodies for another Infantry Squad.

As for vehicles, I ordered in a model from two seperate stores to see which one I like better. I ordered a Tracked Glaive Medium APC from Old Crow Models as well as getting myself the Half Ute from Ramshackle Games so I can see for myself which of the two I prefer for my army (and for the other I am sure I will find a use as well). Of course I also ordered something extra from both companies. From Crow I ordered in an additional turret and Ramshackle will send me one of the Boring Machines as well.

I also ordered the Kolossus Units from two different suppliers. Of the two War House Games is closer to where I live, so in the hope of getting a single set before the others I ordered one Unit from them so I can get to converting as soon as possible.
The other supplier, Miniature Market is the cheaper one but is situated in the U.S whereas I am in the Netherlands. But I will end up with 9 of those lovely looking AT-43 Red Blok - Kolossi(?). From the Miniature Market I also ordered three other models, also from the AT-43 Red Blok miniature line. I haven't mentioned these before but I was considering wether or not to get some. These so called Dotch Yaga will be my Basilisks most likely. 
Maybe I shouldnt mention the load of Robogear models laying around for the purpose of kitbashing, alas for this month the Grymn and B'dass will have to wait as this is about what I can afford without cutting into those pesky things such as food and rent...

Oh and seeing I actually have some Followers now (welcome one and all), would anyone know if there is any place to get model drills? Let me rephrase, instead of Dozer Blades, I would like to stick big drills on the front of my vehicles to reinforce the idea of the Squats being miners and such.


  1. Sounds like an interesting time...a lot of decisions to make!

    I am a fan of the Old Crow is a Glaive with a Grymn for scale:

    One thing I will say is that you may be waiting about six weeks for the Old Crow stuff. He normally says 21 days but at the moment, he is snowed under. The good thing is that every order is cast to order and sanded and finished to the highest a little extra wait is well worth it. I have a host of Old Crow vehicles and apart from the delivery time, I can't speak more highly of the quality and service.

    The Red Blok stuff is almost perfect for I am jealous that you have so many turning up ;).

  2. Six weeks is quite a wait... and arent they just? I love the Red Blok stuff as soon as I saw it, not too expensive either.