Saturday, May 28, 2011


So after spending close to what I will allow me to spend this month...or well actually coming month. It only makes sense that I discover even more awesome looking models. The models depicted with this post have been sculpted by Pega who is just now starting up Pega Mini Designs, now he doesn't call them Space Dwarfs or Squats, instead he refers to them as being his "personal interpretation of the so called hi-grav planets miners." Which to me, is just another word for Squats!
I mailed him yesterday as at the moment the two models he does have are both sold out, but he replied (via e-mail and on his site), that there would be stock again soon as well as a third model.

He calls his models Ulkans and they are indeed of the Space Miner persuasion with the weapons carrying names like CrushHammers and MagmaGuns. The fact he sculpts them so beautifully, as well as having a tendancy to smoke cigars, I think they would make awesome Veterans, Sergeants or anything other special you can have them do.

The scale of these models is listed as being for the 30mm range with the size of the actual models standing around 25mm, making them still a head shorter than most human sized models in any and all armies.

Included below is an image I found on CoolMiniOrNot of the Ulkan wielding the CrushHammer. I personally think it looks awesome. I will include the link to the actual page here.

Click me to get a proper look...


  1. Nice find! I'll have to pick up the MagmaGun model...he's just too cool.

  2. I love these sculpts...and he has powered armour and a host of other 'basic' troopers in the mix too...although they can't really be called basic when they exude so much character.

    I am waiting for a few more to be released before I decide whether 10-00Euros a piece is too much...the trouble is that they are worth every penny...Gah! Sometimes this hobby is a cruel master...

  3. Sounds to me you already decided there Inso.
    Ill most likely pick up one of each, of course that'll be next month..

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