Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Squat Bikers

I wish I could claim ownership of that paint job...

So I mentioned my Squat Bikers in a previous post and can admit I have been slacking off on working on them. Part of the reason is that the amount of original model arms do not match how many bikers I own. I also am not too fond of the look of the original plastic squat arms, so to improve on them I've been messing about with using Cadian Arms to fix the short'n'stubby arm issue. Of course I learned that if I do not change the length of the arms the bikers end up looking like a bunch of long armed monkeys.

Not exactly the image I was hoping to convey. In all honesty I am not even sure how useful a Rough Rider squad is in a Imperial Guard army but the models are too iconic not to use them (and anything less than a full squad just feels silly to me). I actually ended up with more than 10 bike models so this will allow me to pick the best looking ones. All I need now is to get some more cavalry bases so they can be based properly, as these were not included when I acquired them off of eBay.


  1. Ironically enough, I actually can claim ownership of the model in your photo. My buddy Andy painted it up and I acquired it in a trade.

    I've always thought of using Squat bikers not as Rough Riders but as Sentinels instead. They're still fast attack and have a bit more oomph on the tabletop.

  2. I think I might have actually seen that image on your blog as well. Though it was the picture that popped out when I did a Google Search. As for using them as Sentinels...I actually have my eye on some other models (Ill mention them in my next post).