Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So besides painting I have been doing a whole lot of nothing really. I am still waiting for my Dwarf Beserkers to get here from Avatar of War, as well as my spare parts for my broken down Landraider. I did put in an order for several Holocaust Judges (thanks Inso) who I will assemble with parts from the Grizzly Exosuits (mix and match) in order to build my Ogryns. All of the models will be assembled with the drill part from my Hardsuit model in order to give it a more mining related appearance.

The only thing I have been tinkering with a little bit has been one of the Servitors to belong to my Enginseer. Based off of Wall-E somewhat this is what I ended up with.

and Side

The model actually ended up being taller than the Enginseer himself and is about as tall as an Imperial Guardsman even without this model being based. The figure ended up being too big for me to use binoculars as its head so I used a targetting system from my broken down Landraider.

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  1. Nice - Interesting to see they've re-purposed the old Grizzly suit for Judge Dredd! I have a couple of the old Starship Troopers versions (and a couple Cougars) that I've intended to use with my Ad-Mech, but they'll make great Ogryn stand-ins for your Squats. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!