Monday, July 18, 2011

Slow week

So an entire week actually went by without me posting here. So what has been going on lately, well I've been sick for starters and have been in a poor mood related to my ongoing trouble at work and soon lack thereof entirely. So what I did do is the following, I did finish off my first infantry squad (without the Heavy Weapon Team's weapon). The reason the metal is a bronze color has two reasons, one it suits the dwarf/squat models really well and two a friend of mine is into Steampunk and the bronze just helps bring that out.

The Regiment
When basecoating and painting these I did make some mistakes but hopefully the next group will come out better. Some of the models basecoat is way too thick but in the end they turned out okayish.... After all I am nowhere near a paint expert. Im just happy to get something painted for a change ;)

Vox Caster
Plasma Gunner

I am still waiting for my Penal Legion in the Dwarf Bezerkers from Avatar of War. I actually had to order some more paint in order to have colors for the beards on the Squats. For a Squat without a beard is like an army without beer.... Or something.

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  1. These continue to roll along nicely, looking good!