Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Whats going on... Part Deux!

Whats going on:- My bits order from Bitspudlo came in (the magnets were suspiciously absent though). 
- My five Grizzly Exosuits from the Starship Troopers came in as well and they are awesome... And now no longer sold by Mongoose....so if anyone can find a place where I can get some more....yes please. 

With my current bits restocked I can work on finishing off my Squat Veterans, add the Special Weapon Troopers to my Infantry Squads, make three more Heavy Weapon Mortam Teams, and last but not least another Infantry Squad of ten Squats. 

And of course the rest is on the way and then I have to start on the really scary bit.... Painting. Well after I assemble my 'Ogryns', Stormtroopers and Penal Legion soldiers ;)

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