Thursday, July 7, 2011

Squat Test Model

 As I am not too sure on how the images will look once uploaded to the interwebs, Ill just run through the colors used. What I used are the following:

- Color Primer Leather Brown (Army Painter).
- Charadon Granite (GW Foundation)
- Dheneb Stone (GW Foundation)
- Elf Flesh (GW)
- Chaos Black (GW)
- Dwarf Bronze (GW)
- Quick Shade - Dark Tone (Army Painter)
- Anti-Shine Matt Varnish (Army Painter)

I started out with the usual basecoat, I picked brown because I wanted to stick to earth tones. Earth tones relate to their miner and industrial side as well as relating back to fantasy.

This was followed by picking out the seperate colors, making sure to add a dark gray almost black to offset the mostly brown of the uniform. The haircolor was made greyish for the simple reason that I do not have too many colors that would work as hair. Lasgun was made black and originally I was going to go with the traditional boltgun metal but partly due to Viktor von Domm from Dakka I decided to give Dwarf Bronze a go to get a more Steam Punkish feel.


  1. Pretty cool! I'd considered trying something similar a while back but never got around to it. Yours has turned out rather nice - keep up the great work!

  2. Thank you! To be honest once I got actual followers on my blog it is a nice way to keep getting motivated and inspired to keep on working at it.

  3. Looks good, you've chosen a colour scheme that really works well with the mini.