Friday, July 29, 2011


As you most likely have noticed my posting regularity has dropped significantly lately. This has motly to do with my Real Life situation at the moment. To make a long story short; I am losing my job and need to go through the hassle of navigating the labyrinthine maze of bureacracy in order to get signed up for unemployment.
I also need to start looking around for a new job. Of course being unemployed (soon) you would think I actually have more time on my hands. Although true enough in a relative short amount of time, it has also seriously done a number on my motivation to do anything related to the hobby at this time.

I am sure I will get back to working on it soon enough but until I do, I hope you're patient with me and cut me some slack whereas a lack of regular updates are concerned.



  1. i hope you soon find your motivation back, i am myself in a bit of a low motivated state right now, some personal trouble sucked the life too right out of me so i know where you are standing right now...for creativity and good hobby related work you have to be standing on firm ground otherwise the troubles always get the better of you and you can´t bring something good together... here is hopeing for you that the stressful times are only of short time and that you soon are happier...

    viktor von domm

  2. Thank you, Vik

    Appreciate the words and it is nice to know you are still paying attention to my blog :)

  3. yup^^ wouldn´t wanna miss a thing... i am a control if you have two blogs running on the same matter there is a little chance you could say something different in either...and we can´t have that now can´t we^^

    hope you get soon better...either are missed!!! no kiddin`

    Viktor von Domm