Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A letter to Avatars of War

It has been too long. I have decided to share a tiny tidbit of frustration that keeps bugging me. Today I composed a letter to Avatars of War and sent it off. This is the 5th e-mail headed that way after the initial order confirmation and payment. To the e-mail on August 2nd there was no reply. I have copied the e-mail down below. Is there anyone out there who has run into issues whilst ordering from Avatars of War directly? Because the way this is going I will never ever do that again, instead I will rely on their resellers as the other models I got from AoW came from there and that all went off without a hitch.

Avatars of War*,
It has been another two weeks since my last e-mail, on August 2nd you asked me for my phone number which I provided you on the same day. So far no package from Avatars of War has arrived yet so I am still waiting on the two boxes of Dwarf Bezerkers. The order was places on June the 29th, this means that we are getting close to two months since I placed and paid for the order. In that time I have been reassured repeatedly that the item would be sent out, then there were mail and box issues and finally there was a mention of UPS which would get the package here in 48 hours, in that case they are 288 hours late (or 12 days).
On the site it was proudly proclaimed that all pre-order had been shipped on the 7th of July. Which obviously is not the case as my order predates that although I do admit it was placed after the comment that you started shipping out the models.
Anyways what is going on?
Because this is taking too long.
*Names changed of course.


  1. Sucks dude, I hate unresponsive customer service - answering complaints is your job, get 'er done!

  2. Suckage indeed, good luck to you, lesson learned over here.

  3. @Tristan: Yeah, though I would rather have had that their shipping staff was up to speed because the time its taking is ridiculous.

    @Mik: An unfortunate one, next time I'll stick to ordering from Maelstrom Games or something.

  4. Mine took quite a while, I paid with Paypal, and started the refund process to which they responded quickly, and after which my dwarves showed right up.

    From what I gather they have had such a huge response they were not ready to process in such volume.

    As I said mine did show up and they are great, but it took a while, and was only sped up by a paypal complaint.